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  Mission Statement  

 "No Excuses, Just Excellence!"


The DeSoto County School District is dedicated to ensuring academic excellence through quality leadership and instructional efforts within a conducive learning environment.  The DeSoto County School District provides competent instructional leaders at all levels with ongoing evaluations of performance.  All certified staff have received their undergraduate degrees in the field of education or related areas.  Over 25% of all certified staff have advanced degrees encompassing masters, specialists, and/or doctoral degrees.

Our Mission:
The DeSoto County School District is dedicated to ensuring world-class academic excellence within a safe learning environment, while providing a variety of exceptional extra-curricular programs that foster the physical, social, and emotional growth of all students.

Our Vision:
The DeSoto County School District will be regionally and nationally recognized as a system of superior-performing schools that ignite a passion for learning, while inspiring student success through instructional excellence and exemplary leadership.

     The DeSoto County Public School System is governed by the County Superintendent of Education, elected by qualified voters.

  About The School  

HHES Mission Statement

Image for HHES Mission Statement

The mission of the faculty and staff of Hernando Hills Elementary School is to embrace the whole child while providing a safe, nurturing and healthy learning environment.Hernando Hills Elementary School will offer opportunities for all students to succeed in reading, math, writing, English, science, and social studies. Hernando Hills Elementary will strive to instill in students a love for the arts, respect of differences in cultures, respect for themselves and others, and grow them to be lifelong learners.