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Counselor's Corner

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Hello! My name is Scottie Ellis and this is my 14th year as a school counselor with DeSoto County Schools. I am very proud to be a part of such a fantastic school and school district. I received my undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology and my master's degree in Counselor Education. I attended Mississippi State University for both degrees. I am married to Shane Ellis and we have two sons, Austin and Cooper. I also have a beautiful Sheltie named Abby.



Some of the classroom guidance topics we will cover this year:

Second Grade: Manners, Bullying, Bucket Filling, Conflict Resolution, Kindness, Making Good Choices, College and Careers, Self Control, Whole Body Listening, Body Safety, Staying on Task

Third Grade: Bullying, Empathy, Getting Along, Friendship, Kindness, Making Good Choices, College and Careers, Paying Attention, Body Safety

*I get to travel to each classroom once a month for a lesson on topics like the ones above.  Teachers may also request a topic to benefit their class specifically* 



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Yearly Calendar of Events

July: Registration, record keeping, Prepare for classroom visits, prepare for groups

  August: Begin classroom visits, individual counseling, Open House, PBIS team meeting

  September: Classroom visits, individual counseling, divorce group

  October: Bullying Awareness Month, classroom visits, individual, spirit week, divorce group

  November: Classroom visits, individual counseling, anxiety group begins the week after Thanksgiving

  December: Classroom visits, individual counseling, anxiety group continues

  January: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Career Awareness Month, The Great Kindness Challenge, anxiety group continues

  February: Classroom visits, individual counseling, anxiety group continues, anger group begins

  March: Classroom visits, individual counseling, anger group continues, Spring Break

  April: Classroom visits, individual counseling, anger group continues

  May: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Counseling Advisory Committee meeting

If your child is in one of my counseling groups from 7:30-8:00 please have them at school by 7:25 A.M. on the morning the group meets.

      *This is a master calendar and does not include every aspect of my job responsibilities. It is also subject to change.



Parenting Tips for a Successful School Year:



·      Make each child their own weekly calendar showing him/her their daily after-school activities. Children enjoy feeling a sense of control when they understand and know what is going to come next in their lives.

·      Keep a consistent morning and bedtime routine. Children thrive on consistency and it also helps parents as well. Consistency helps to lower everyone’s anxiety levels.

·      Utilize reward charts for morning and bedtime routines. During the back-to-school transition, children may need a little extra motivation to successfully follow the new routines. Remember- rewards don’t have to cost anything. It can be a fingernail painting session at home with mom or a special trip to the park with grandma. Discuss reward possibilities with your child and decide what motivates them.

·      Sign your child up for an extracurricular activity such as football, gymnastics or girl scouts. This is a great way for your child to make new friends, learn valuable social skills and get some great exercise!

·      Visit your child’s teacher’s website to stay up to date on skills being taught and classroom news. If you’d like to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher please call our front desk at 429-9117.


A Resource Guide for Desoto County can be found below. It has a list of resources in our area that can assist families in different areas of need. There are resources included for financial, food assistance, shelter assistance, etc. Please click the button below to view the resource guide.




Does your child need counseling from a licensed professional counselor or psychologist? Please click the button below to view the counseling referral list.





-Our Region IV therapist is Ms. Claire Corban-




Residency Information can be found on the District website under "Departments" and then "Residency". 


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