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Counselor's Corner

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Hello! My name is Scottie Ellis and this is my 14th year as a school counselor with DeSoto County Schools. I am very proud to be a part of such a fantastic school and school district. I received my undergraduate degree in Educational Psychology and my master's degree in Counselor Education. I attended Mississippi State University for both degrees. I am married to Shane Ellis and we have two sons, Austin and Cooper. I also have a beautiful Sheltie named Abby.



Some of the classroom guidance topics we will cover this year:

Second Grade: Manners, Bullying, Bucket Filling, Doing the Right Thing, Kindness, Making Good Choices, College and Careers, Self Control, Whole Body Listening, Body Safety, Staying on Task

Third Grade: Bullying, Empathy, Getting Along, Friendship, Kindness, Making Good Choices, College and Careers, Paying Attention, Body Safety

*I get to travel to each classroom once a month for a lesson on topics like the ones above.  Teachers may also request a topic to benefit their class specifically* 



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Yearly Calendar of Events

July: Registration, record keeping, Prepare for classroom visits, prepare for groups

  August: Begin classroom visits, individual counseling, Open House, PBIS team meeting

  September: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Anger management group

  October: Bullying Awareness Month, classroom visits, individual, Spirit Week, Anxiety Group

  November: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Hernando Animal Shelter Drive

  December: Classroom visits, individual counseling

  January: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Career Awareness Month, The Great Kindness Challenge

  February: Classroom visits, individual counseling

  March: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Spring Break

  April: Classroom visits, individual counseling

  May: Classroom visits, individual counseling, Counseling Advisory Committee meeting

      *This is a master calendar and does not include every aspect of my job responsibilities. It is also subject to change.



Parenting Tips for a Successful School Year:



·      Make each child their own weekly calendar showing him/her their daily after-school activities. Children enjoy feeling a sense of control when they understand and know what is going to come next in their lives.

·      Keep a consistent morning and bedtime routine. Children thrive on consistency and it also helps parents as well. Consistency helps to lower everyone’s anxiety levels.

·      Utilize reward charts for morning and bedtime routines. During the back-to-school transition, children may need a little extra motivation to successfully follow the new routines. Remember- rewards don’t have to cost anything. It can be a fingernail painting session at home with mom or a special trip to the park with grandma. Discuss reward possibilities with your child and decide what motivates them.

·      Sign your child up for an extracurricular activity such as football, gymnastics or girl scouts. This is a great way for your child to make new friends, learn valuable social skills and get some great exercise!

·      Visit your child’s teacher’s website to stay up to date on skills being taught and classroom news. If you’d like to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher please call our front desk at 429-9117.


Please click on "forms" for information on:

- Region IV Mental Health

- Withdrawing your child/ Transferring your child to another school

- Enrolling your child at Hernando Hills Elementary


Residency Information can be found on the District website under "Departments" and then "Residency". 


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