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Staff Favorites

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Staff Favorites

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Office / Support Staff
Gilder, Stephanie   
Myers, Wendy
Ellis, Scottie
Higginbotham, Teresa
Griffith, Lea
Still, Angie
Smith, Jessica
Jenkins, Lauryn
Womack, Jim
2nd Grade
Beck, Cathy (Spotlight)
Burns, Meg
Donovan, Madilyn
Dove, Victoria
Graves, Casey
Horton, Caroline
Minor, Annaleigh
Moore, Emily
Thyer, Deidre
Van Every, Abby
Waldheim, Jodie Kaye
White, Candace
Williams, Janet
Braggs, Lynsey (with Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Durham)
Burnham, Bailey (with Mrs. Graves)
Burk, Heather (with Mrs. Van Every)
Carpenter, Jennifer (with Mrs. Tingle)
Collins, Brenda (with Mrs. Donovan)
Cox, Melanie with (Mrs. Minor)
Holmes, Ashley (with Mrs. Arton, Mrs. Gentry, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Andrews)
Jackson, Trudy (with Mrs. Moore)
Kuykendall, Aimee (with Mrs. Williams)
Melton, Lori (with Mrs. White)
Milam, Daibrei (with Mrs. New, Miss Moses, Ms. Brodie)
Ming, Sherrie (with Mrs. Azar, Mrs. Scarberry, Mrs. Ratliff)
Miss Ratliff (with Mrs. Burns)
Reiss, Christa (with Mrs. Horton)
Sharp, Vicki (with Mrs. Waldheim)
Stephens, Ruth (with Mrs. Rittmann, Mrs. Germany, Mrs. Poe, Mrs. Pounders)
Tice, Amy (with Mrs. Denton)
Turner, Lynsey (with Mrs. Thyer)
 Walker, Allison (with Mrs. Smith)
White, Michelle (with Mrs. Dove)
 3rd Grade
 Andrews, Kate
 Arton, Brandi
 Azar, Nancy
 Brodie, Tamara
 Gentry, Augusta
 Germany, Lauren
 Moses, Lindsay
 New, Callie
 Phillips, Ashley
 Poe, Brooke
 Pounders, Rebekah
 Ratliff, Necole
 Rittmann, Darby
 Scarberry, Kim
 Stigler, Rachel
 Activity/Special Area 
 Carr, Laura (P.E.)
 McCarley, Taylor (Art)
 Ford, Beth (ELL)
 Weiss, Alayna (Music)
 Womble, Stephanie (Library)
 Special Education
 Campbell, Virginia
 Denton, Barbara
 Durham, Melissa
 Jones, Amanda
 Kuykendall, Jennifer
 Smith, Carla
 Strong, Pamela
Tingle, Monica