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Class of the Week!
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Monday, May 04, 2015
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Mrs.Minor's 2nd Grade Class


Wow! This year is really flying by. We are having a great time in 2nd grade!

We collected items for and wrote letters to veterans last week in honor of Veteran’s Day. It was fun to practice writing friendly letters while showing our appreciation to veterans. We are excellent writers! We’ve written several personal narratives about our experiences, and are currently working on a story about a time we felt scared. It is fun to add details and vivid words to our writing.

In math we’ve been working really hard. Skip counting across 100’s is difficult, but we have pushed through and worked hard and have done a great job at skip counting on a 100’s chart. We also recently learned to tell time on analog clocks. It’s nice to not have to ask what time recess is anymore. Ha! J

We just finished a really fun poetry unit in ELA. Our favorite thing was learning about and writing similes and metaphors. We are really creative kids! Tongue twisters using alliteration have been another favorite thing to write. Next week we will be reading some nonfiction pieces about what life on the Mayflower was like and how the Pilgrims and Wampanoag people helped each other. We are excited for Thanksgiving break!

Our Instagram account is @mrsminorhhes. Feel free to follow along and see all the fun we are having this year

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