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2017 Science Fair Winners
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Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Regional Science Fair Winners

Behavioral and Social Sciences

2nd Place - Regan Scott


3rd Place - Emma Claire Anderson

Inorganic Chemistry

4th Place - Addison Wright

5th Place - Paisley Denison

Earth, Space and Environmetal Sciences

5th Place - Lyric Bell


1st Place - Amelia Tingle

5th Place - Ava Bienvenu


3rd Place - AJ Cannon

Computer Sciences

3rd Place - Sam Dorris

Medicine and Health

1st Place - Trace Thornhill

4th Place - Ella Pollan


5th Place - Sydney Smith


1st Place and Best in Class - Eason Goss


2017 Science Fair Winners


100-Behavioral and Social Sciences


Honorable Mention- Gavin Walker  Google & Siri Ran Away! Who Do You Trust?

Honorable Mention- Cambelle Ries Does Color Affect Taste

5th Place- Louis Harrell  Do The Eyes Have It?

4th Place- Reid Sanders  Hocus Pocus Help Me Focus

3rd Place- Adrienne Wiley  Are Hue Hungry?

2nd Place- Regan Scott  Brain & Connections

1st Place- Harrison Smith  Is What You See What You Really Get?




Honorable Mention- Danica Johnston  Great EGG-spectations

Honorable Mention- Tatum Witt  There's Corn In My Candy

5th Place- Laurel Ludwig  Family Fingerprint Connection

4th Place- Stella Morales French  How Rock Candy Is Made

3rd Place- Bailee Chase  Turn That Brown Upside Down

2nd Place- Stella Walker  From Trash To Gas

1st Place- Emma Claire Anderson  A Bushel Or A Bag




Honorable Mention- Julianne Sartain  Rainbow Roses

Honorable Mention- Caroline Eaton  Flowers Drink With Straws

5th Place- Amelia Tingle  Flower Power

4th Place- Alisha Guan  Does Water Help Seeds Grow?

3rd Place- Ava Bienvenu  What Makes Your Spud Grow?

2nd Place- Rebecca Yokie  Make Your Mark

1st Place- Piper Childress  A Rainbow Of Flowers



Honorable Mention- Thane Rives  Borax Takes The Polar Bear Plunge

Honorable Mention- Emma Lenihan  Homemade Plastic

5th Place- Isabella Hancock  Yummy Yummy! Cornbread In My Tummy!

4th Place- Addison Wright  Milk Magic

3rd Place- Nicholas Abruzzese  Bald Egg

2nd Place- Paisley Denison  Don't Turn The Lights Out

1st Place- Madeline Sowell  Bubble Mania


500-Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences


Honorable Mention- Rocco Hanna  Wind Chill

Honorable Mention- Emma Duran  How Do Waves Affect The Shoreline Of The Ocean?

5th Place- Sage McCallum  Can Pinecones Predict The Weather?

4th Place- Emma Clark  Infiltration Station

3rd Place- Aiden Criddle  Shake Rattle & Roll

2nd Place- Anawin Rodriquez Ramos  Talking To Plants

1st Place- Lyric Bell  Sp-egg-tacular Egg-speriment


600-Engineering, Computers and Math


Honorable Mention- Thomas Smith  Battle Of The Charges

Honorable Mention- Madison Saurage  Hover Crafts

5th Place- Jordan Van Every  When The Lights Go Out

4th Place- AJ Cannon  Growing Electricity

3rd Place- Sam Dorris  How Far Can A Monkey Fly?

2nd Place- JW Spainhour  Project Windmill Refinement

1st Place- Mallory Safley  Shake It Up

700-Medicine and Health


Honorable Mention- Cash Ward  Tooth Decay

Honorable Mention- Eva McAlexander  Show Me Your Pearly Whites

5th Place- Ella Pollan  Rethink Your Drink

4th Place- Riley Starnes  Tooth Decay

3rd Place- Trace Thornhill  We've Got The Beat

2nd Place- Ann Morgan Hasselman  Kidney Stones Don't Rock

1st Place- William Carter  Nasty, Icky, Yucky Germs



4th Place- Hayden Holmes  This Is No Whipped Cream

3rd Place- Rhian Riley  Dog's Mouth vs. Human's Mouth

2nd Place- Sydney Smith  Mold Monster

1st Place- Katie Gentry  Dogs vs. Humans



Honorable Mention- Hayden Polk  Solar Powered Astronaut

Honorable Mention- Rocco DeLuco  Sip It, Flip It & Land It

Honorable Mention- Brannon Kirkpatrick  Flippin' Physics

5th Place- Sawyer McLeane  Frozen Stiff

4th Place- Trey Akins  Hot Coffee, Please

3rd Place- Analise Germany  Call Me Maybe

2nd Place- Mac Rivers  The Way The Ball Bounces

1st Place- Eason Goss  Flying Monkey




Honorable Mention-  Sophie Shanks  How Frogs Hibernate


Honorable Mention- Gabe Gubter  Color And Birds Feeding Habits


5th Place- Annie Risher  Heat It Up Turtle


4th Place- Isaac Jones  Where Do You Travel Almighty Wolf?


3rd Place-Meriwether Pittman  Do Chicks Have Belly Buttons?


2nd Place- Lily Grace Davis  Breathe Chick


1st Place- Lily Jones  Plaque Attack


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