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HHES 2016-17 Positive Behavior & Support Plan
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hernando Hills Elementary

PBIS 2016-2017


PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support)

What does it mean?

            PBIS is designed to recognize the positive behavior of students. The entire staff at HHES will take the responsibility to teach positive behavior expectations to students. Students will know what is expected of them. We will implement dining expectations, school wide classroom consequences, playground expectations, bathroom rules, monthly rewards, semester rewards and end of year rewards. We will also still do student morning announcements. This is exciting!

            Our school wide rules will be ROAR! ROAR clipboards travel to each activity with their class. The class role is listed for the activity teachers so that they may take attendance as well as give feedback for behavior issues that may arise.






School Wide Classroom Consequences:

GREEN- Begin day

YELLOW- Warning

ORANGE- 10 minutes of walking at recess (rainy day= reflection journal)

PURPLE- 20 minutes of walking at recess AND contact parent

RED- OFFICE with our teacher write-up form



Dining Expectations

Silent until seated
Only take what's needed
Touch only your food
Quiet and peaceful is the mood.
Finished with your meal?
Clean up with great zeal,
So the lunchroom will have lasting appeal!

(This is on a banner hung in our cafeteria)


Playground Expectations

1.       Use all equipment properly

2.       Use only school provided equipment (No balls unless school wide event)

3.       Friendly and fair play

4.       Rocks remain on the ground at all times

5.       No outside balls

6.       No tag

(These rules are posted beside doors that lead out to the playground. Teachers also go over the rules with their class.)


Bathroom Expectations

1.       No playing

2.       Clean up what you mess up

3.       Flush the toilet

4.       Leave nothing on the floor

5.       Wash your hands

(These rules are posted in each bathroom. Teachers also go over these rules with their class.)



Green all week = 1 TIGER TICKET to put in your classroom box. One ticket from that box will be drawn each week. The winner from the classroom will receive recognition over the intercom as well as their name written on the “Paws of Praise” display for their hall and a small prize. Each hall has a hallway box that is the color of that hall. All weekly tickets then go into the hallway box. At the end of each month, 6 winners will be chosen to eat Zaxby’s at the TERRIFIC TIGER TABLE in the cafeteria. (One winner from each hall) The table will be decorated and the students will be “on display” for their great behavior. A picture will be taken of the students to go on our ROAR bulletin board as well as their name announced over the intercom.


End of Year

Students who have stayed on green all year will receive a certificate.

Rotunda Rules

·      Make sure car and bus riders walk in quietly and fill up the front. Students should not be allowed to sit against the wall.

·      Students must sit quietly. Please encourage your students to have a book to read or facts, vocabulary, or spelling to study.

·      Be observant. Some students will sit when they arrive to wait on a friend before going to breakfast. Remind students to immediately go to breakfast.

·      Dismiss one class per hallway at a time. Then start another rotation.

·      If a student consistently breaks the rules, move them to the center of the rotunda. Report the issue to his/her teacher.

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