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Memory Maker Playground Extension
Posted On:
Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Hernando Hills Elementary is working toward an outdoor project titled “Memory Maker” that will serve many purposes. As an extension of our existing playground, “Memory Maker” will serve as an outdoor classroom, a shaded area for students to recover from the summer sun, a musical oasis for our music program, and a spot to play cooperative games. Special consideration was given to the design elements to enhance the recreational experiences of students with sensory issue.

The “Memory Maker” will be a large 40’x50’ concrete pad that will include large shade sails to cover the entire area. This concrete area will be accessed through our existing playground and will be fenced in for security. Four to five modern style benches will be located along the perimeter of the slab and a corner of the area will house state of the art outdoor musical instruments. We will paint or score our concrete to display familiar outdoor games for children such as four square and adventure trail.

Below is a breakdown of the elements that we would like to include in our project and we would love any help from our community to make this a reality. The cost breakdown is an average based on the several estimates we have currently received for each part.

Concrete – a generous donation from MMC Materials Inc. has already been made

Concrete framers and finishers - $8500

Dirt work - $8500

Freenotes Weenotes Ensemble - $6,700

Custom Sail Shade with Triangular Canopies - $25,000

Installation of Shade - $22,000

Modern Benches - $2500

Sod - $3500

Entrance Way with brick columns powder coated metal signage- $3500

Concrete scoring for games -

 playground extension

playground extension

This is an example of some of our Memory Rocks made by students this year.

 Please consider donations of any size to our “Memory Maker” project.


To make a donation online, please click here.

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