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Recycle, Reuse and Renew
Posted On:
Monday, May 20, 2019

 ELL project based learning project

The English Language Learners of Hernando Hills Elementary have been working on a project based learning project for the last month with Mrs. Michael Baird and Mrs. Victoria Donato.  The question is...

"How can we salvage and find a new purpose for old T-shirts, while helping our community and our own families?"


In this project, students will give old T-shirts a new purpose while exploring and applying mathematical skills. The students will have hands-on-experiences in creating and designing their quilts, while experiencing the abstract of math come alive in their art pieces, as well as using language arts skills in describing and presenting their works. The students will also reflect on ways that their piece of work can provide a positive impact in their community and personal homes in written and oral discussions.  The students presented their project at Central Services on Thursday, May 16.  We are so proud of our English Language Learners and all of their hard work. 

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