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Upcoming Events  

See "assignments" page for important dates and upcoming events.




1. Please make sure your child has a snack and drink daily. You may send this daily or send several days' supply in advance.

2. Drop off time for your child starts at 7:10 and ends at 7:45. Be mindful that if your child needs to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, dropping off a little earlier than later will help the morning run more smoothly.

3. Pick up time is 2:30-2:50.

4. Our room can get a little cool at times. You may send a light jacket for your child.

5. If you need your child to go home a different way, please call or send a note in your child's folder with details.

6. If your child is absent, please send us an excuse ASAP.

7. Full-priced lunch is $2.75 and breakfast is $1.25.

8. If your child has had fever or thrown up within the last 24 hours, he or she may be contagious and may not need to be at school.

9. Please do not allow your child to bring toys or personal items from home that are not necessary to have at school. It is hard to keep up with what belongs to each child and other children can often become fixated on the new, fun item. Thank you!