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Alayna Weiss Staff Photo

Timbre Tigers Choir

Activity Date: 8/24/2018

Check back for additional information on Timbre Tigers Choir Auditions.

A bit about the audition process:

  • Auditions will be held in August. The date is TBA
  • Auditions will be held privatley in order to ease any performance jitters
  • No parents please
  • Students will be asked to prepare a 1 minute selection from a song of their choice and sing acapella/without music.
  • Additionally, some students may be asked to sing "Happy Birthday" to provide additional information about their vocal range. Please reassure your child that this is not a reflection of their performance but a tool to help further evaluate their voice
  • Once auditions are completed, a choir welcome packet will be sent home to those students who have been slected to participate.
  • Last year we had over 200 students audition and were only able to take 65 students.  Come prepared to do your best!