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Cason Graves Staff Photo

Parent Information

November 26-30th  

Students will be discussing how characters in a story respond to major events or challenges. They will be creating their own story maps.



·        “Cookies with Santa” will be December 6th

·        Christmas holiday will be 19th-2nd.

Parent Information  


Welcome! Here you will find updated information about my class.


This week students will be looking at all of the text features and identifying them. We are learning about Lewis and Clark this week as well as continuing to study the life of Native Americans.


Things to know:

-We do not have snack time at hhes. Please make sure you child has a good meal in the mornings. Our lunch time is at 11:05-11:30 and it is very hard to learn with grumbling tummies :)

-Feel free to send a waterbottle with your child. We ask them to keep it in their backpack during class time just to prevent against spills on their desk.


-If you send any money please place it in your child's "money bag." (This will be their pencil bag) We will be sending those home in their homework folders tomorrow Tuesday, August 7th.


-Your child will be bringing home 2 folders every night (starting August 7th). Their homework folder and their daily work folder (please remove work from daily work folder).