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Classroom Management

Behavior Plan  


R- Respectful

O- Organized

A- Achieving

R- Responsible



Earn 1 point for each GREAT GREEN DAY!

10 points: hat day, pillow pass, show & tell, shoes off pass, pen pass, free art, treasure box

20 points: reading log pass, morning work pass, extra computer time, desk swap, eat lunch with a friend, game pass from home, coke & candy bar pass, invite a guest reader pass

*Earn a TIGER TICKET for every day you stay on green. Weekly winners will be drawn from each hallway to earn a PAW PAT. Monthly winners will be called for a goodie bag.



Green – Great Day!

Yellow – Walk 5 minutes at recess

Orange- Walk 10 minutes at recess

Purple - Walk 20 minutes at recess, contact parent by phone or note

Red- office referral (offenses noted & action plan made)


Student/Parent Responsibilities  

Homework Packet: A homework packet is sent every Friday in the Daily Folder. Homework is due the following Thursday. Recess time will be used to make up incomplete or missing homework.

Graded Papers Folder: Your child's graded papers folder goes home every Tuesday and is to be returned the following day unless a holiday interferes.