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3rd Grade Musical

"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" Speaking Part Audition Selections  

You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (revised)



Audition selections for Speaking AND Featured Singing Parts:



Charlie Brown (male)


Some days I wake up early to watch the sunrise, and I think how beautiful it is, and how my life lies before me, and I get a very positive feeling about things.  Like this morning for instance: the sky’s so clear and the sun’s so bright. How can anything go wrong on a day like this?

 (alarm clock sound effect)

  I’m late!



Linus (male)


(speaking to Lucy) Apparently, you haven’t read the latest scientific reports. A blanket is as important to a child as a hobby is to an adult.  Many a man spends his time restoring antique automobiles or building model trains or collecting old telephones or even studying about the Civil War.  This is called playing with the past.


Schroeder (male)


(Lucy asks “Schroeder, do piano players make a lot of money?”)


Schroeder:  Money? Who cares about money?! This is art, you blockhead! This is great music I’m playing, and playing great music is art!! Do you hear me? An art! (with fists, pounds the top of the piano for emphasis) Art! Art! Art! Art!




Snoopy (male or female)


Why is it I always have my supper in the red dish and my drinking water in the yellow dish? One of these days I ‘m going to have my supper in the yellow dish and my drinking water in the red dish.  Life is just too short not to live it up a little.



Sally (female)


I couldn’t decide if I wanted fudge marble, chocolate, rocky road, vanilla, or butter pecan…I finally decided to try fudge marble…Then I had to choose between a plain cone or a sugar cone…I decided on a sugar cone…So what happened? I went out the door, and dropped the whole thing on the sidewalk! Don’t tell me my life isn’t a Shakespearean tragedy…


Lucy (female)


Charlie Brown, I thought up a new strategy for you.  Why don’t you tell the other team we’re going to play them at a certain place, only it isn’t the real place, see, and then when they don’t show up, we’ll win by forfeit.  Isn’t that a good strategy?


(silence from Charlie Brown)


I don’t understand these managers who don’t want to use good strategy.





Accompaniment Tracks  




Third Grade Musical

Audition Information

 Performances:  November 14 & 16*

*class specific performance dates TBA



Audition Dates:  August 27-Sept. 1

                               Callbacks as necessary                             

Students auditioning for either a speaking part OR featured singing part will audition privately during their scheduled music class time.  Students who do not wish to audition for a part will be placed in our ensemble. Everyone gets to participate!


How to prepare:

·      Students may select the character they would like to audition for (see character breakdown on reverse side OR my page on the school website) Please note that although students will be practicing during school hours, those with speaking and featured singing parts WILL be asked to stay after school on Mondays until 4pm beginning in September.

·      Please look for a letter coming home next week asking them to make their selection for either a speaking part or featured singing part.

·      We will begin learning audition selections (music and reading parts) during class time August 21-25


What to expect at auditions:

·      Auditions will be held privately to ease any jitters

·      Students will be asked to either sing the prepared selection or read a scene from the show.



            Cast lists will be posted online and student’s individual parts will be sent home so that they may begin practicing.  They will need your help at home.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (revised)


About the show:


Based on Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts comic strip, the musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” gives us a glimpse at a day in the life of Charlie Brown and his friends.  Though traditionally performed with a small cast, our performances will utilize a Greek chorus theatre technique where multiple Charlie Browns, Lucy’s etc. will represent the same character and move in and out of scenes fluidly. For example, one actor playing Charlie Brown may be featured in a song and then return to the Charlie Brown chorus, while another actor also playing Charlie Brown will perform in a different scene; ultimately creating ample parts for our aspiring 3rd grade actors and musicians.


Character Breakdown:


Charlie Brown - (Male) loveable, happy, and resilient


                            Audition Song: “The Kite”


 Sally Brown– (Female) Charlie Brown's younger sister. Perky, Bright, Perfectionist.


                        Audition Song: “My New Philosophy”


Lucy Van Pelt – (Female) Linus' older sister; a know it all


                        Audition Song: “Little Known Facts”


Linus Van Pelt (Male) Charlie Brown's blanket-toting best friend. 

 Imaginative, intelligent, old soul, dreamer.

              Audition Song: “My Blanket and Me”


Schroeder –(Male) Piano prodigy. Smart, Driven, and Dedicated.

                        Audition Song: “Beethoven Day”


Snoopy - (Male or Female) Charlie Brown's self-absorbed dog.

     Food obsessed and melodramatic.


           Audition Song: “Snoopy”


Woodstock (Male or Female) Snoopy's best friend; a cheery yellow bird (non-speaking role)


Songs can be found on YouTube. Please look at them with your student and keep in mind that their young voices will sound different than most recordings as many productions are done with adults.