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Kimberly Scarberry Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

2018-19 Class Schedule

Scarberry-3rd Grade

                              7:45-8:45                   ELA

                              8:45-10:00                  Math

                              10:00-10:40                ELA

                              10:40-11:00                 Recess

                              11:00-11:55                 ELA

                              11:55-12:20                Lunch

                              12:20-12:50                Science

                              12:50-1:30                  Activity

                              1:30-1:50                    Science/Health

                              1:50-2:40                    ELA/Social Studies

**Please note-unless there is a heat advisory or the temperature is below 50 degrees, students will be going outside for recess. Make sure they are dressed appropriately. Students may also bring a snack and bottled water each day.


Activity Schedule


                                           Monday                        Music

                                           Tuesday                       PE

**Students need to wear tennis shoes on Tuesday. Students cannot participate in certain activities without the proper shoes. Points will be deducted from their PE grade.

                                           Wednesday                  Art

                                            Thursday                    Computer Lab

                                            Friday                        Library