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Kimberly Scarberry Staff Photo

Class Schedule  

2016-2017 Class Schedule

Scarberry-3rd Grade

                              7:45-9:30                   ELA

                              9:30-10:00                  Science/Social Studies

                              10:00-10:20                Recess

                              10:20-11:55                 Math

                              11:55-12:20                 Lunch

                              12:20-12:50                ELA

                              12:50-1:30                  Activity

                              1:30-2:30                    ELA (Writing)

                              2:30-2:40                   Health

**Please note-unless there is a heat advisory or the temperature is below 50 degrees, students will be going outside for recess. Make sure they are dressed appropriately. Students may also bring a snack and bottled water each day.


Activity Schedule


                                           Monday                        Library

                                           Tuesday                       Music

                                           Wednesday                  PE

(Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes for PE. Not participating will count against his/her PE grade.)

                                            Thursday                    Art

                                            Friday                        Computer