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Discipline Plan 

Mrs. Andrews' Discipline Plan

I am a firm believer that all students can learn if they are given the opportunity and proper environment. In my classroom I expect the very best behavior from your student. Each child learns differently and everyone must respect different individual's learning styles. I hope that we can all have a smooth year with discipline! The following is the plan I have laid out for discipline in my classroom. This plan becomes effective on the first day of school and lasts until the last day of school.


Stoplight Behavior 

Green Light- Good behavior, and possible verbal warning, continue on this path for the rest of the day!

Yellow Light- Card is changed & 10 minutes of walking at recess.

Orange Light- Card is changed, a note is sent home, and 15 minutes of walking at recess.

Purple Light- Card is changed, a note is sent home, and 20 minutes of walking at recess.

Red Light- A note sent home to parent/guardian and sent to the office.



  • Change card
  • Walk laps at recess
  • Note home to parent/guardian
  • Office referral 



  • Eat lunch with a friend
  • Positive feedback
  • Snack Pass
  • Show and Tell Pass
  • Much More!