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Weekly Skills 




 Week of 2/18-2/22


ELA (English Language Arts) –includes reading, writing and grammar

The Student Will:


5 W’s
Character Response
Story Structure
Character Point of View
Using Illustrations
Central message
Reflexive Pronouns


Solve one-step word problems involving the same unit of lengths, use drawings to solve addition and subtract word problems within 100
Generate measurement data by measuring length of objects to the nearest whole unit and construct a line plots


Homework packet will go home on Monday and will be due on Friday.

  • Study spelling words
  • Study vocabulary words
  • Read daily
  •   Practice on IXL math
  • Classworks



·        routine- a usual or normal way of doing something

·        expert- a person who knows a lot about something or does something very well

·        fade- to grow lighter and lighter or slowly disappear

·        flap- to move up and down or back and forth

·        stunned- shocked or very surprised

·        genius- someone who is very smart or talented

·        chaos- great confusion

·        notorious- well known, especially for something bad


Review Spelling Words-(only 15 words on test)

Students will write a sentence with 2 spelling words. The sentence has to have at least 5 words and have no errors. (spelling, capitalization or punctuation and has to make sense)


own, road, home, show, new, too, food, rule, write, good, look, know, right, why, try, high, legs, wishes, misses, steps, old, most, only, told, true, school, heart, blue, would, put, should, could, kind, find, child, wild, talk, walk, people, eight, grow, toe, truth, boat, few, fruit, Tuesday, choose, guess, fire, woods, guide, lie, light, glasses, first, crosses, touch, quite, young