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Weekly Skills  Updated at 12/9/2018 6:42:00 PM




 Week of 12/10-12/18


ELA (English Language Arts) –includes reading, writing and grammar

The Student Will:


Who, what , when, where, why, and how questions
Character response
Beginning, middle, and end of stories
Compare and Contrast
Personal Narrative
•Review Verbs




•      Identify values, counting coin combos up to $1.00, solve word problems using coin combinations up to $1.00.



NO Vocabulary


NO Spelling Words


 Tests this Week

·       Tuesday 11th- Verb Tense test

·       Wednesday 12th- Reading Comprehension

·       Thursday- 13th Math



Homework packet will go home on Monday and will be due on Friday.

Study spelling words
Study vocabulary words
Read daily
  Practice on IXL math- P. 1-4