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Weekly Skills 






This Week’s Focus

 November 13th-17th





TSW solve one-step word problems with the unknown in any positon.
TSW fluently add and subtract using strategies based on place value, properties of operations
TSW represent whole numbers as lengths and whole numbers within 50 on a number line.

ELA (English Language Arts) –includes reading, writing and grammar

Students will...

Make text-to-self connections
Answer questions to understand key details and important ideas in a story
Discuss the central message of a story
Compare and Contrast two or more versions of the same story
Verbs- Past and Present Tense
Narrative Writing



 Homework packet will go home on Monday and will be due on Friday.


•             Study spelling words


•             Study vocabulary words


•             Read daily


•             IXL Math




Vocabulary Words



1.   dull - not bright, colorful, or shiny. Boring, or not interesting or exciting


2.   solid – hard and firm


3.   mushy – soft and wet like mush


4.   slurp – eat or drink something in a noisy way

5.   gobble- eat food quickly without chewing it very much; also means to make the sound a turkey makes

6.   rude- not polite, A rude person is not respectful of others.

7.   dash- run very quickly

8.   approach- move closer to someone or something




Spelling Words


part                         front                    sure

far                           girl                       work

think                        her                       large

same                       each                    sea

friend                      turn                      climb

give                         gone                    none

live                           word