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Kimberly Scarberry Staff Photo

Discipline Plan 

PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Support)

     PBIS is designed to recognize the positive behavior of students. The entire staff at HHES will take responsibility to teach positive behavior expectations to students. Our school wide rules are ROAR! 





*The first few weeks of school we will be discussing what it means to be respectful, organized, achieving, and responsible. We will chart examples of what each one looks like and what it doesn't look like.


School Wide Classroom Consequences

Green-No sticks pulled on behavior board

Yellow-1st stick pulled-warning

Orange-2nd stick pulled-10 minutes of walking at recess (rainy day-students will write about the behavior and what he/she could of done differently)

Purple-3rd stick pulled-20 minutes of walking at recess & parent contact

Red-4th stick pulled-office with our teacher write-up form


Rewards for Good Behavior (School Wide)

Green all week = 1 tiger ticket to put in your classroom box. One ticket from that box will be drawn each week. The winner from the classroom will receive recognition over the intercom as well as their name written on the "paws of praise" display for their hallway and a small prize. At the end of each month, 6 winners (one per hallway) will be chosen to eat Zaxby's at the TERRIFIC TIGER TABLE in the cafeteria. 

Rewards for Good Behavior (Classroom)

Students that stay on green all day will earn a red ticket worth 5 points. Students that only have a warning for the day will earn a blue ticket worth 2 points. They can also earn white tickets worth 1pts. throughout the day for being a good citizen in the classroom. Examples: helping clean up the classroom without being asked, being kind or helpful to another student, working well with their group, etc. Students will use their tickets to buy items such as candy, popcorn, soda, and passes to sit by a friend at lunch, sit at the teacher's desk, change classroom seat for the day, or show & tell. Tickets are usually spent on the last day of the month, but may be used throughout the month for class treats such as doughnuts, popsicles, or drinks.


Other expectations for different areas will be posted throughout the school and reviewed with students.

Playground Rules

  • Use all equipment properly
  • Use only school provided equipment
  • Friendly & fair play
  • Rocks remain on the ground at all times
  • No outside balls
  • No tag


Dining Expectations

Silent until seated

Only take what's needed

Touch only your food

Quiet and peaceful is the mood.

Finished with your meal?

Clean up with zeal,

So the lunchroom will have lasting appeal!


Bathroom Expectations

  • No playing
  • Clean up what you mess up
  • Flush the toilet
  • Leave nothing on the floor
  • Wash your hands