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Weekly Skills 

Weekly Skills

ELA (English, Language Arts):

Skills: Figurative Language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, alliteration, idiom, and onomatopoeia), Nonfiction Text Features (glossary, table of contents, charts, index, headings, timeline, caption, bullets, diagram) We will continue to work on flipping questions and forming answers by restating the question and using keywords, locating evidence, constructing responses (answers in complete sentences)

LANGUAGE – Adjectives (Comparative and Superlative), Mentor Sentence – Invitations to Edit will be averaged together to count as one writing grade for the grading period.

WRITING – We are continuing informational writing – students will write an informational research paper in class that will be graded for the 2nd nine weeks.

MATH – Students will tell time to the nearest 5 minutes and minute on an analog and digital clock. They will also learn strategies to help them tell elapsed time. Students will have an Independent Skills Practice on Thursday. Students will learn strategies to find elapsed time within 60 minutes.

Fact Fluency - TEST ON FRIDAY!! – Keep studying facts for 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, & 10. 3’s and 6’s are new this nine weeks. In November, we will start to include division on our weekly timed test. We will still have 25 multiplication problems to complete in 5 minutes. These grades will be averaged together to count as one math assessment grade for the nine weeks.