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2nd Grade Musical 

Second Grade Musical

Audition Information

 Performances:  April 19 &20*

*class specific performance dates TBA



Audition Dates:  January 29- February 2nd (Callbacks as necessary)        

Students will audition privately during their scheduled music class time.  Students who do not wish to audition for a featured role will be cast in our ensemble (wolves, monkeys, elephants, bees, and jungle flora). Everyone gets to participate!


How to prepare:

·      We will be learning audition selections during music class time for the next two weeks. Please encourage your child to practice and prepare for their audition at home as well.

·      Resources can be found on the back of this page as well as the “Music” page on the school website.

·      Look for the “Audition Selection Form” coming home next week asking them to select which character they will be auditioning for and return to school promptly.

·       Please note that although students will be practicing for our production during school hours, those with featured parts WILL be asked to stay after school on Mondays until 4:30 pm beginning in February.  Schedule to follow.


What to expect at auditions:

·      Auditions will be held privately to ease any jitters

·      Students will be asked to either sing their prepared selection or read a scene if they are auditioning for a Vulture part.



            Individual letters will be sent home notifying students of the role they have been cast in during the week following auditions; January 29- February 2nd.  Music, speaking parts, and CD’s will be sent home so that they may begin practicing.  They will need your help at home.




Multiple performances of Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids can be found on YouTube for your reference. Please look at them with your student.


Character Breakdown

Bagheera (male or female)

No-nonsense panther and guardian of Mowgli

Audition song: “Jungle Prologue”


Baloo (male)

Bear; a gentle giant who is never in a hurry and a friend of Mowgli’s

Audition song:  “I Wan’na Be Like You”


Mowgli (male)

Man-cub; a likeable boy with a joyful, curious nature

Audition song: “The Bare Necessities”


Shere Khan (male or female)

Ruthless tiger who dislikes Mowgli; powerful an dignified

Audition song: “Shere Khan the Tiger”


Shanti (female)

A curious girl from the Man village that helps narrate; adventurous but shy

Audition song:  “Kaa the Snake”


Kaa  ( male or female)

Mighty python, sly and slippery with an entrancing voice

Audition song: “Trust in Me”


Colonel Hathi (male)

The leader of the elephant herd; commanding and a little forgetful

Audition song: “Colonel Hathi’s March”


King Louie (male)

 An orangutan and King of the Monkeys; Fun loving and commanding

Audition song: “I Wan’na Be Like You”

Dizzy and Ziggy Vulture (females) SPEAKING PART


Audition selection:

Mowgli - (collapses, exhausted and vultures appear and begin to peck him) Hey!

Dizzy – “Oh, he’s alive…”

Ziggy – “Unfortunately”

Dizzy – “But just look at him, scrawny thing”

Ziggy – “He won’t last long” (Vultures laugh and walk off)