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Supply List 

Hernando Hills Elementary Supply List


Pencils #2 Ticonderoga (2 packs)

Cap Erasers (2 packs)

Glue Sticks (2)

Crayola Crayons (1 box)

Crayola Markers (1 box)

Vinyl Folders with Brads & Pockets (4) *Please try to bring at least one black folder for homework. If you are unable to find vinyl folders, please wait and purchase them later. We will not be using paper folders.

 Composition Books (2) *These do not have to be marbled and can be any color or design.

Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks (2) *Any color or design

Index Cards 3 x 5 (2 packs)

Wide Ruled Notebook Paper (1 pack)

Post-it Notes (3 in. x 3 in.)

Kleenex (2 boxes)

2 gb USB Drive (Each student needs the usb drive to save writing for the year. If you are unable to purchase this now, you may wait & bring it before our first graded writing assignment.)

**Each year I purchase supply boxes for the class so students do not need to purchase one.  Students may want to bring an inexpensive pencil bag to store tickets they receive for good behavior. Also no mechanical pencils or pencil sharpeners are needed.



      Boys                                                     Girls  

Gallon Ziploc Bags                             Quart Ziploc Bags

Clorox Wipes                                      Paper Towels