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Weekly Skills 



RL .9- compares and contrast important presented in 2 texts on the same topic

RL 2.2- summarizes text and determines the central message, lesson, and moral

RL 2.3- character response- describes how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges

RL 2.6- acknowledges the differences in the point of view of the characters


Plenty- a lot

Fragrant- having a pleasant smell

Usual- normal, common, or expected.

Unusual- not normal, common, or expected. You do not see it often.

Spelling:or, more, short, for, four, bear, world, eye, far, part, same, think, give, friend, front, live, horse, store, prove, fourth


MD.8- identify coin values; counting coin combos up t0 $1.00

OA.1- one-step word problems