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Welcome to Spotlight! 

Welcome to Spotlight!

I am excited to start the 2018-2019 year! Please take a look at the information below.

Important Info:

Ole Miss regional Science Fair is March 21. 


The Step By Step Instructions can be found under "forms."


Your child will come to my classroom for Spotlight on their designated day, but will go to activity, lunch, and recess with their class. 


NEW 2nd grade class schedule:

Monday: Williams, Van Every, Moore
Tuesday: Donovan, White
Wednesday: Dove, Thyer
Thursday: Oakley, Waldheim, Burns
Friday: Horton, Minor


Spotlight students will have a folder that will periodically travel with them to and from Spotlight. The folders will be used to send home permission slips or important information throughout the year. At the end of each unit, we will place all of your child’s unit work in this folder. Please look carefully at any information, permission forms, etc. that may be inside. Any type of permission form or money for me should be sent through this folder.

If you need to reach me, please call the school’s number (662) 429-9117

Or email me at



2018-2019 Spotlight Units

Microscopes and Masterpieces:

Looking at Science through Art

Throughtout this year your child will be exploring a variety of science topics while experiencing different kinds of art and artists. Students will develop an understanding of themselves and the interrelated connections between humans and their environments.

Unit 1 (First 9 weeks)- Taking a Look at Our Selfies

Students will be looking at self-portaits and examining the history of how this art developed over time into the now famous “selfie.” Students will be completing multiple intelligence inventories and learning about their preferences and strengths. We will also be researching different systems within the human body while explaining how our body does the strange things that it does (i.e. hiccups). This will culminate in the students working together to create a “Body Bizarre” project in which they work to analyze, research, and construct a demonstration of how these strange processes occur. 

Unit 2 (2nd 9 weeks)- The Artistry of Adaptations

Students will explore the structural, behavioral, and physiological adaptations of animals from all over the world. They will examine the works of George Seurat to understand the techniques of Pointilism (using dots to create a picture) and develop their own original artwork to demonstrate the structural adaptation of camoflauge in nature. Students will also do a book study on the Lorax and examine the affects humans have on animal species. 

Unit 3 (3rd 9 weeks)- Still Life in Motion

Students will disect and investigate the parts of a plant while exploring the works of Georgia O'Keeffe. Students will create their own “bee’s eye view” of a flower. Along with this, we will examine a variety of unusual plant adaptations (carnivorous, heliotropic, aquatic), identifying connections amongst different varieties and comparing these to well known pieces of art. In groups, students will select a particular plant species to research and create a 3 panel piece of art that will be a “Still Life in Motion” demonstrating the movements of a plant. 

Unit 4 (4th 9 weeks)-  Flight of the Pollinators

Students will be listening to and analyzing the well known musical piece “Flight of the Bumblebee.” Along with this, students will study the ways a variety of insects produce sound. They will investigate insects’ contribution to rhythm and beat. They will research different pollinators and their crutial role in plant survival. The students will participate in the Bee Cause Project which supports the development of ideas for promoting the honeybee population in the U.S. They will identify the problem, research possible options, and develop potential solutions for solving the depletion of the honeybee population.