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Weekly Skills 

Making Meaning

Standards: Ask and answer questions about a non-fiction text (RI.2.1) and Identify the main topic of a text (RI.2.2) and Identify text features (RI.2.5) and Determine the Author's Purpose and Author's Main Points (RI.2.6, RI.2.8) and Use context clues (L.2.4a)

Vocabulary Words: teamwork-work together as a team to get something done damp-a little wet  regularly- do something often at the same time and same way gleam-glow or shine

Vocabulary Review Words: shimmer-shine with a soft twinkling light   vanish-disappear  expand-grow bigger   stream-steady flow or movement of something

Tests: Text Feature Rubric and Vocabulary Quiz

Being a Writer

Standards: Drawing sketches and Making lists to inspire writing in writing journals and Identify common and proper nouns and Handwriting lessons on manuscript

Tests: NONE

Guided Spelling

Words of the Week: see,hear,here,green,don't,both,been,oh,time,makes,five,lines, love,off,once,son,mean,feet,half,health

Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday 


Standards: Construct bar and picture graphs (2.MD.10) and Identify shapes and attributes (2.G.1) and Fluently add within 18 using mental strategies (2.OA.2)

Tests: Timed Fact Fluency Quiz-Thursday Math Test-Friday


Standards: Create a model that will demonstrate the observable pattern of motion of the sun or moon (E.2.8.6) and Observe the details in images of the moon using the naked eye, telescopes, and data from space exploration (E.2.8.3)

Vocabulary Words: Earth-the planet we live on  Sun-a star that gives light and heat to Earth  Moon-a giant ball of rock that moves around Earth

Tests: Quiz One-Friday