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Weekly Skills 

Making Meaning

Standards: Ask and Answer questions with non-fiction texts (RI.2.1) and Identify the main idea of non-fiction texts (RI.2.2) and Identify text features (RI.2.5) and Use images to answer questions (RI.2.7) and Identify the Author's main points (RI.2.8)

Vocabulary Words: unique-only one of its kind or no others like it

recently-happened just a short time ago valuable-very important or worth a lot of money    decrease-become smaller or fewer in number

Vocabulary Review Words: NONE

Tests: Reading Comprehension Test Two-Friday

Being a Writer

Standards: Research writing ideas and write biographies (W.2.2)

Tests: Writing Rubric for Biography

Guided Spelling  

Words of the Week: good,write,know,look,put,would,could,should,new,too,food,rule,


Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday

**Remember----Sentences Count as part of the Spelling Test Grade Now**


Standards: Fluently subtract within 18 (2.OA.2) and Measurement (2.MD.1,2,3,4)

Tests: Timed Fact Fluency Test-Thursday and Math Quiz-Friday