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Weekly Skills 

Making Meaning

Standards: Ask and answer questions about a text (RL.2.1) and Determine a central message (RL.2.2) and Determine a character's point of view (RL.2.6)

Vocabulary Words: fearless-brave   fearful-afraid     familiar-well known and easy to recognize        convince-make someone believe or do something

Vocabulary Review Words: tumble-fall and roll over and over   swirl-move in a circle compassionate-kind to someone suffering or unhappy     content-happy

Tests: NONE

Being a Writer

Standards: Writing Journals

Tests: NONE

Guided Spelling

Words of the Week: get,up,well,that,go,his,of,your,not,back,big,will,are,you,said,


Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday


Standards: Writing numbers different ways (2.NBT.3) and Decompose numbers (2.NBT.1)

Tests: Math Quiz-Friday