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Weekly Update 


Mrs. Pounders’ Weekly Update

August 13-17

Weekly Skills

Math: multiplication/division strategies (see the back for examples): vocabulary words: product, factor, dividend, divisor, quotient

Reading/Comprehension: explore illustrations to make inferences about stories, compare/contrast two stories by the same author, explore words with the prefixes un- and pre-

Language: complete/incomplete sentences and capitalization/punctuation rules


PLEASE signup to receive these texts; you are not charged to receive them! To join send the message @63c932 to 81010.


·         Wear tennis shoes on Friday for PE

·         Each student needs to bring a bar of WHITE Ivory soap by the 24th for a project in ART

·         Please initial your student’s behavior calendar if he/she was not on green

·         Parent Night is Thursday, August 16th with a PTA meeting at 6:00 in the Cafeteria followed by policies and procedures in the classroom at 6:30.

·         Please pay your student’s fees as soon as possible. They total to $13.40. Make checks payable to Hernando Hills and include a phone number. Cash is also welcome.

·         Students will need a small, easy to eat snack every day. Please try to send in something on the healthy side; no candy!

·         Students may keep water bottles at their desks with WATER ONLY. A reusable bottle is preferred.

·         Our classroom can get really chilly …a light jacket will be helpful.

Weekly Homework Checklist

The following tasks are suggested ways to help your student excel in 3rd grade. You can choose to complete each item nightly or 2-3 times as needed.

·         Read for 20 minutes with your student

·         Study spelling words (see yellow sheet in your student’s take home folder for fun ways to study)

·         Study 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s multiplication facts (see the page protectors in your student’s take home folder for facts and fun ways to study them.)

·         Study vocabulary words (see the back for words and definitions)

Spelling Words

box, must, glad, sand, song, still, trip, soft, mother, other, month, laugh, led, rich, add, with, which, fresh, check, thick, hold, cold, full, pull

Wish List

individual bags of popcorn, pixie sticks, bag of mixed chocolates, bubble gum, mini Dr. Pepper, Sprite and Root Beer, fun sized M&Ms and Skittles


Vocabulary Words

*These are words from a book we read last week; please review these words with your student on a frequent basis. Students need to know the definitions of the words as well as to be able to use them in context.

Whiz –move very fast; some things that white make a buzzing or hissing sound

Squirm –wiggle or twist your body from side to side, usually because you are bored or uncomfortable

Rap –tap or hit something sharply (forcefully) and quickly; rap is also a type of music in which words are spoken in time to music with a steady beat

Snap –speak sharply or angrily

Likely –when something is likely, it probably will happen or is probably true

Unlikely –not likely; when something is unlikely, it probably will not happen or is probably not true