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Cathy Beck-Reese Staff Photo

weekly skills 

In the gifted curriculum of the state of Mississippi there are seven areas of teaching:  Thinking Skills, Creativity, Group Dynamics/Leadership, Communication, Research, Social/Emotional, and Career/Self-Awareness.  Each of these areas are introduced in 2nd grade.  We begin the year with listening and speaking skills and creativity.  Under the area of creativity, we follow the William's Model of Creativity which includes fluency, flexibility, elaboration, and originality. 


Our beginning skills will be listening skills, speaking skills, and creativity.


Our steps to teaching social skills are:


accepting differences

asking for help

communicating clearly

complimenting others

disagreeing politely

encouraging others

following directions

listening actively

participating equally

resolving conflicts

sharing materials

staying on task

taking turns

taking risks

using quiet voices

waiting patiently