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Weekly Skills 

Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's 3rd Grade Website

Weekly Skills for November 13-17, 2017

*Homework packets were assigned on Friday of last week. Packets are due on Thursday of this week. If not completed by Thursday, they may be turned in on Friday. 


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November 16th-Third Grade Musical "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" 6:00 Show #3: Azar, Brodie, Moses, Ratliff, & Scarberry

  • Students should arrive at school at 5:15 the night of their performance and report to their holding rooms wearing their costumes. Featured performers will need to wear their base pieces and add additional costumes pieces that have been provided for them at school. Students need to wear a light t-shirt or tank top so they can easily put their costume shirt over it. 
  • Dress rehearsal for show#3 will be on Thursday from 8:30-10:30. Students will need to bring their costume to school for rehearsal.
  • Show #3 will have additional practices throughout the week. Please make sure your child is at school each day, especially if he/she has a special part.
  • Please let Mrs. Weiss know immediately if your child will not be able to perform on Thursday due to illness or any other emergency.
  • HHES Music/alayna.weiss@dcsms.org

Nov. 17th-3rd Grade Field Trip-Classes attending this day: Azar, Brodie, Moses, Ratliff, Scarberry, Germany, & Arton (Students need to wear socks with their skates. Parents may check students out when we return to school. Buses should arrive back at school around 1:30.)

Thanksgiving Holiday-November 20-24th-Have a safe & restful holiday!


Reading: Mentor Text-Brave Harriet

  • Use wondering/questioning to make sense of nonfiction.
  • Students identify what they learn from a narrative nonfiction book.
  • Read independently. 

Review theme and discuss point of view by reading Two Bad Ants.

 Vocabulary: Mentor Text-Brave Irene

  • Recognize synonyms. (review)
  • Recognizing shades of meaning. (review)
  • Recognizing words with multiple meanings. (review)

Week 14 Vocabulary Words

1. coax (verb) to persuade someone to do something by talking to the person gently and kindly

2. snug (adjective) comfortable, warm, and cozy

3. advise (verb) to tell someone what you think he or she should do

4. delirious (adjective) very happy and excited

5. fret (verb) to worry or get upset about something

6. cherish (verb) to care for something deeply

Language-Types of sentences: simple, compound, & complex

Writing- Students will read short passages and write responses. "Unpack the Prompt" This is practice for writing responses on Case 21 and end of the year test.

Spelling- Week 15: Words to study for Spelling Test to be given on Thurs., Nov. 16th: changing, bridges, March, store, climb, third, wear, large, fourteen, horse, forty, prove, October, worst, before, first, fourth, north, information, dollar


Area-Students will use the formula (length X width) and count square units to determine the area of plane figures.

Area Skill Check will be given on Thursday, Nov. 16th.

Extra Practice on IXL website:

  •  FF.6-FF.14

**Continue studying 0's, 1's, 2's, 3's, 5's, 6's, and 10's in multiplication. Students should be drilling facts nightly using flashcards or games on multiplication.com. or IXLMath.com. These grades will be averaged as one grade at the end of each nine week period. Timed Fact Fluency Test will be given on Wednesday, Nov. 15th.

Science: Layers of the Earth

Students continue to read about the three types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic, & igneous. Complete activities on the rock cycle. Review vocabulary words & complete study guide.

Social Studies:

  • Integrated into ELA lessons.