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Weekly Skills 

Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's Class Website

Important Dates to Remember:

January 21-Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

January 25-PJ/Hat Day and Honor Roll Party

January 29-Class Pictures and PTA Meeting at 6:00

February 15-Professional Development Day "Student Holiday"

February 18-Presidents' Day "Student & Faculty Holiday"


Weekly Skills for January 14-18, 2019

**Homework packets were assigned on Friday and are due on Thursday of this week. They may still be turned in on Friday.

Reading: Review poetry and figurative language for test. Students must be able to recognize similes, metaphors, and personification is a poem. Also determine its meaning.

*Comprehension Test 3-1 will be given on Wednesday.  

Vocabulary: Week 22

1. flashy-something that is very big, bright, or expensive

2. fantastic-strange, unusual, or unbelievable

3. diverse-different from one another

4. avoid-to keep away from

5. deadly-dangerous and likely to cause death

6. threatened-if something is threatened, it is in danger or likely to be harmed

Language: Review parts of a sentence. Write compound sentences and identify them in a piece of text. Look for coordinating conjunctions: (FANBOYS) for, and, but, or, nor, yet, so

Spelling: throw, spray, closing, instead, Friday, stayed, grow, sold, starring, truth, marked, throat, states, along, worth, tail, fold, raised, either, present

*Spelling dictation test on Thursday.

 Writing: Opinions. Students will read pieces of texts from Storyworks this week and write a response. Students will state their opinions and back it up reasons and evidence from the text.

 Math: Fractions

  • Students will partition (divide) a whole into equal parts and identify the unit fraction. They must be able to write the fraction in numbers and word form.
  • Identify and represent shaded & unshaded parts of a whole fraction.
  • Build and write fractions greater than one whole using unit fractions.

*Assessment 3-1 will be given on Thursday.

**Timed multiplication test 3-2 will be given on Thursday of this week. Test will consist of 75 problems to be completed in 5 minutes. 4's and 8's will gradually be addded to tests. 0's, 1's, and 10's will eventually be removed from tests.