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Weekly Skills 

Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's 3rd Grade Website

Weekly Skills for Feb. 20-23, 2018

Homework packets were assigned on Friday. Reading logs are attached. Those students that turn in completed log by Friday may participate in book club. Logs are not complete without a response to reading. They may bring a snack & drink of their choice to enjoy while they discuss their book.

Reading: Comprehension Test 3-3 will be given on Wednesday, 2/21

Making Meaning Lesson 7-1

Mentor Text: Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs 

  • Students use questioning & wondering to make sense of expository nonfiction text.
  • Use schema to articulate what they think they know about a topic of an expository text prior to reading.
  • Students identify what they learn from an expository nonfiction text.
  • Read independently. Increase stamina.

(Students will continue to identify text features in nonfiction texts. Explain the author's purpose for including the text feature. Think about how it helps the reader better understand the passage.)

Vocabulary: Mentor Text-Origami: The Art of Japanese Paper Folding

  • using the suffix -ful to determine word meaning
  • use context clues to determine word meaning

1. graceful (adjective)-moving in a smooth and beautiful way

2. spectacular (adjective)-amazing to look at

3. original (adjective)-completely new and different

4. achieve (verb)-to do something successfully, especially something that requires a lot of effort

5. challenge (noun)-something that is hard to do or requires a lot of work or effort

6. determination (noun)-deciding you will do something and then doing it, even if it is difficult

Vocabulary Quiz will be given next Tuesday.

Spelling: Week 22-Test on Thursday

hood, pony, key, guess, white, money, night, fry, woods, light, fine, early, English, sight, carry, quite, thirteen, sky, practice, already

Language: Correctly punctuate dialogue. Quiz next week. Review handouts in Language pocket of binder.

Writing: Opinion Writing: Students will read a piece of text each day and write a response. State their opinion and back it up with at least 2 reasons.

Math: Measurement & line plots

  • Students will measure length of an item to the nearest inch, half inch, and quarter inch.
  • They will collect data or information and add it to a chart. Display data on a line plot.
  • Students will draw lines of various lengths using a ruler.
  • Continue to solve 2 step word problems. (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)

Measurment quiz will be given on Friday.

IXLMath Skills to practice: BB.3   U.8    U.9

Timed Multiplication Test will be given on Friday. Remember to study 4's and 8's. 75 problems-5 minutes                          

                                 Important Dates

  • Friday, March 30th-Good Friday- (student & teacher holiday)
  • Monday, April 2nd-Easter holiday
  • Case 21 Testing-Feb. 26th-March 9th