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Weekly Skills 

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Weekly Skills for April 16-20, 2018

*Due to state testing this week, only spelling homework was assigned on Friday. No reading logs or book club this week.

Students may bring a snack & bottled water for the remainder of the year.

Parents, please check your child's lunch account daily. Students may no longer charge lunches as of May 1st. 

Reading: Students will review reading strategies, text structures, and central message. They will also practice using test taking strategies to help them be successful on MAAP Reading Assessment. (eliminating answer choices, finding evidence in the text to prove their answers)

Vocabulary-Review words in binder.  Last Vocabulary Quiz will be given on or before May 1st. Week 25-27 words will be tested.

Week 25 Vocabulary Words:

1. ban (verb) to forbid something or prevent someone from doing something

2. permit (verb) to allow something to happen or to let someone do something

3. valuable (adjective) very important or useful in some way

4. task (noun) a job, chore, or other particular thing you have to do

5. unwind (verb) to relax

6. stressful (adjective) causing worry or tension

 Week 26 Vocabulary Words:

1. collaborate (verb) to work with others to make or do something

2. aggressive (adjective) threatening or ready and eager to fight or attack others

3. evacuate (verb) leave a place or go somewhere else

4. distress (noun) a feeling of deep sadness, worry, or pain

5. unaggressive (adjective) antonym or opposite of aggressive

6. considerate (adjective) thoughtful of the feelings and needs of others

Week 27 Vocabulary Words:

1. diligent (adjective) hard-working

2. frank (adjective) you say what you think openly and honestly

3. self-confident (adjective) sure of yourself; confident you can do something

4. headstrong (adjective) determined to do what you want no matter what anyone says

5. overwhelmed (verb) to feel very strongly about something-so strongly that you forget everything else

6. contentment (noun) a feeling of satisfaction and happiness

Spelling Week 28: toys, woman's, able, February, square, simple, Wednesday, title, women, middle, voice, busy, December, trouble, July, circle, touch, uncle, example, capital (Test on Thursday, 4/19)

Language: Students will review capitalization and punctuation by editing daily paragraphs. 

Writing: Students will be writing reading passages and responding to text. This is practice for the writing portion of state test.

Math: Review names and attributes (characteristics) of geometric shapes. Find area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. Assessment over 2D shapes and area/perimeter will be given on Wednesday, 4/18.

*Review math skills on

Perimeter: FF.1-FF.5     Area: FF.6-FF.11   Complete Geometry: DD.3-DD.8

Fact Fluency Test #4 will be given on Friday. *Tests for the last 9 weeks will still consist of 75 problems, 50 multiplication and 25 division problems. Students do not need to memorize division facts, simply use the inverse operation (multiplication) to solve. Example: If 4 X 9 = 36, then 36 divided by 9 = 4. Continue to practice using flashcards, IXLMath website, or website. Fact fluency grades will be averaged together at the end of the 4th 9 weeks and count as an assessment grade.


State Testing Schedule

Tuesday, 4/17-ELA at 11:45 (Lunch at 10:30)

Thursday, 4/19-Writing at 8:15 (Lunch at 12:20)

Monday, 4/30-Math-Part 1 at 8:15 (Lunch at 10:30)

Math-Part 2 at 12:00

**Students with accommodated testing will test at a different time. Notes were sent home last week in binders to inform parents of their child's testing times.

**It is important that students come to school rested and ready to do their very best job on their end of the year assessments. The Reading Assessment is the 3rd grade gateway test (MAAP) that determines whether or not your child will be promoted to 4th grade.