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Weekly Skills 


Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's Class Website

Important Dates to Remember

February 18-Presidents' Day "Student & Faculty Holiday"

February 22- Pajama/Hat Day

March 3-Spring Pictures

March 7-Art at the Hills

March 11-15-Spring Break

 Weekly Skills for Feb. 18-22, 2019

**Homework packets were not assigned for this week. No written homework. Students need to study spelling words and multiplication facts. Review vocabulary for test next week.

Reading: Read nonfiction texts. Review main idea and details and text features. No comprehension test this week.  

Vocabulary: Week 28

well-organized-planned or organized in a neat and orderly way

disorganized-not planned or organized, very messy or confusing

boast-to brag with pride or pleasure

silky-soft and smooth like silk

improvise-make up and perform something without any preparation

brainstorm-a sudden idea

*Vocabulary Quiz will be given next week. Review words and definitions in binders and on the back of weekly newsletter.

Language: Comparative and Superlative Adverbs and Adjectives; Capitalization of Book Titles

Spelling-Week 22: hood, pony, key, guess, white, money, night, fry, woods, light, fine, early, English, sight, carry, quite, thirteen, sky, practice, already

Words that will be graded in cursive: fire, beside, light, money, guess

*Spelling dictation test on Thursday.

 Writing: Students will read passages and respond to the text. Opinion and informative writing.

 Math: Students will analyze and create bar and pictographs. Answer 2 step word problems about the graphs. 

*Graph Quiz will be given on Thursday or Friday. Review using handouts in binder or IXLMath. (U.4-U.7, U.11, and U.12)

**Timed multiplication test 3-3 will be given on Thursday of this week. Test will consist of 75 problems to be completed in 5 minutes. 4's and 8's will gradually be addded to tests. 0's, 1's, and 10's will eventually be removed from tests.

Social Studies: Presidents/Black History Month

Science: Water and Climate

**Parents, please note: Students will begin their art unit this week. If you have not replenished markers and/or crayons since the beginning of the year, I'm asking that you do so now. The students will be studying a variety of artists and will be experimenting with different mediums. In addition to markers and crayons, they will be painting with acrylic paints and watercolors, drawing with pastels, and cutting shapes with scissors. Art work can be viewed during "Art at the Hills" on March 7th. Art portfolios will be sent home shortly after that.