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Weekly Skills 

Welcome to Hernando Hills

2nd grade!


Week of November 13-17


ELA:  **read and answer questions about fables and folktales; identify the central message (moral or lesson) in the story

          **compare and contrast 2 versions of the same story

          **answer questions about different points of view from different characters in a story

          **answer questions about character's response (what a character feels, does, or says)

           **identify and use action verbs, linking verbs (am, is, are, was, were), and past, present, and future tense verbs

         **write personal narratives with a topic sentence, several details, and a conclusion


Spelling:  part, far, think, same, friend, give, live, front, girl, her, each, turn, gone, word, sure, work, large, sea, climb, none   ***The spelling test will be on Friday.


Vocabulary Words:  gobble, rude, dash, approach, dull, solid, mushy, slurp  ***The vocabulary test will be on Friday.


Math:   **use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one-step word problems with the unknown number in any position

          **fluently add and subtract using strategies based on place value, properties of operation, and the relationship between addition and subtraction

          **use a numberline to add and subtract numbers to 50



Important information:

**Nov. 17-field trip money and permission forms are due

**Nov. 20-24-Thanksgiving holidays

**Nov. 30-field trip to Graceland

**Remember yearbooks are on sale now until December.