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Weekly Skills 

Welcome to Hernando Hills

2nd grade!


Week of Feb. 20-23


ELA: **comapre and contrast the key points in two different nonfiction texts on the same subject

         **review main idea and supporting details

         **identify and use suject pronouns (she, he, they, we, I, it, you) and predicate pronouns (her, him, them, us, me, it, you)

         **write a biography with a topic sentence, at least 5 details, and a conclusion


Spelling:   why, right, high, try, find, kind, wild, child, write, good, look, know, would, put, should, could, light, quite, lie, young  ***The spelling test will be on Friday.


Vocabulary Words:  treat, provide, conserve, appreciate, unique, recently, valuable, decrease   ***The vocabulary quiz will be on Friday.

Math:  **solve one and two step word problems involving measurement terms

             **measure lengths of different objects and construct a line plot to record the information   ***The math test will be on Friday.


Important information

**Mar. 1-Spring pictures

**Mar. 12-16 Spring Break

**Mar. 22-report cards