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Ms. Moore and Mrs. Chambers

 February 18-22, 2019


Weekly Skills


·         Identify character responses to major events in a story

·         Identify character’s point of view

·         Identify story structure (beginning, middle, end)

·         Determine the central message or lesson in a story

·         Answer who, what, when, where, why, and how questions

·         Use and identify reflexive pronouns

·         Writing biographies



·         Measure lengths of objects and record data in a line plot

·         Word problems involving lengths

Math quiz on Friday



dishes, foot, road, talk, school, too, right, would, try, could, know, only, fruit, guide, touch, February, Saturday, memory, remember, Hernando

**Plus two sentences your child created**

Spelling test will be on Friday



Rocks, minerals, and soil





Stunned: shocked or very surprised


Genius: someone who is very smart or talented


Chaos: great confusion


Notorious: well known for something bad


Review words: routine, expert, fade, flap



What’s Happening:

 02/18: President’s Day holiday

 02/22: Hat/PJ Day

 02/25&28: MAP testing- please no early checkouts if possible

 02/26: Last day to order Memory Maker t-shirt in honor of Mrs. Myers and to help fund the playground expansion

 03/01: Spring pictures



You can order Scholastic anytime online: our class code is P72ZL


 We are using Epic online reading program. To login at home, go to and the class code is lvg4390


 There are no checkouts after 2:00




Contact Information

 HHES 662-429-9117