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Mrs. New Jan. 14th- Jan. 18th
Due Date: 1/19/2019
Subject: 3rd Grade

***Please study 4's and 8's!! We now have 75 problems in 5 min. on our fact fluency.

***Jan. 21st NO SCHOOL! King/Lee Holiday!

***Jan. 24th Class Pictures.

***  This website will provide weekly updates on all skills being covered in class as well as announcements.  Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions.

 Math-   **We will take our big assessment over basic fractions this Thursday Jan. 13th.   We will be working on fractions on number lines and equivalent fractions.  Your child should know their 0's, 1's, 2's,3's, 4's, 5's,6's, 8's and 10's at home.  They will have 75 questions and have 5 min. to complete.

ELA- We will identify narrative non-fiction books, practice wondering and questioning while we read non-fiction texts.  We will continue Text Structure: Compare and Contrast Problem/Solution, Cause/Effect, Chronological Order, Description. Read alouds Brave Harriet, Wilma Unlimited Cold read this Wednesday! (Can't study for this!)

**Vocabulary: lively- active, memorable- worth remembering, throw yourself into something- to do something with excitement and enthusiasm, Intense-very great or strong, exhilarated- very happy and excited, astounding- amazing or suprising  flimsy- thin and weak, long- want something very much OR very long more than average length, gruff-unpleasant or rude, persistant- keep doing something even though it is difficult, strain- pull or push hard, adjust- move or change something slightly to improve it or make it more comfortable. reluctant- you do not want to do something  have eyes in the back of your head- you seem to be aware of everything that is happening around you, even things you can't see.  cluttered-  when things are messy and scattered here, there, and everywhere  whoosh-(onomotopoeia) move very fast making a whooshing or hissing sound  have a change of heart- you change your opinion or the way you feel about something obstinate- stubborn, unwilling to change your mind about something.  Immature- childish or silly  mature-  grown up or adult like  fantasize-  think about or imagine something that is pleasant  barricade- block the way by putting up barriers or obstacles.  reconsider-  think again about a decision.

Writing-  We will be working on informational writing for a grade this week in class.

Spelling- quacks, pitch, city, read, country, feet, chance, need, half, mean, three, near, breath, fifteen, health, sea, pencil, since, between, easily  The spelling test will be given every Thursday!

Grammar-  We will be practicing verb tenses

Social Studies-  We will discuss the voting process and different types of government.  We will nominate and vote on someone for class president.