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Mrs. New Feb. 19th-23rd
Due Date: 2/26/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade


*Progress reports need to be signed and returned by Wed., Feb. 21


*If you have old empty quart size Mason jars please send in for our art days!

*Don't forget to work on IXL!


Math: We will begin line plots. We will continue to focus on Measuring Inches to the nearest inch, half inch, and quarter inch. We will have a quiz over measurement on Wed. Please go over the check my progress packet to make sure they are ready.  We will continue to work on fractions.    Please work on multiplication fluency.  4's and 8's are on test now!

ELA:  We will focus on text features, poetry, and continue figurative language.


Review:cared, needed, chased, climb, wait, mean, loose, none, third, store, main, shared, eighteen, during, search, before, across, forty, doctor, modern,trays, crows, soon, foot, guard, book, woods, guess, stood, fruit, fire, guide, heated, whose, early, thirteen, choose, street, develop, difficult, glow, snowing, soon, closing, June, Tuesday, Sunday, instead, fruit, grew, knew, suit, moon, fold, team, whose, raised, choose, human, history

Writing: We will focus on punctuating titles.  We will test on punctuating titles Wed. We will revisit Opinion Writing.  We will work on informative and opinion writing at the same time.

Vocabulary:  abandon, unexpected, industrious, comfy, successful, unsuccessful, customary, energize, appetizing, plain, differ, refreshing.