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April 30th- May 4th
Due Date: 5/7/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade

**We will be working on a lot of art work from now until the end of school.  If you have any acrylic paints of pastels I would greatly appreciate any you could spare.  I need brown, all shades of yellow (bright), medium to dark blues, and black.  I am in great need of black puff paint.

***State Testing will continue this week! We will have a couple of groups and make-up testing.  Please be present and on time each day.

Please continue to work on multiplication fluency!!!


MATH: Review test #2 over all skills will be Wednesday. We will continue our spiral review over all skills covered since the beginning of the year! Please work with your child at home on word problems, distributive property, elapsed time, and any other skill they may struggle with. 

All facts will be on fluency test this Thurs. 75 problems. 50 multiplication and 25 division.


ELA: We will be discussing fables, fairytales, and folktales.

 Writing: We will focus on writing from different points of view.  Our last writing grade will be done this week in class.

 Spelling: Test Friday.  joy, ponies, hour, woman, real, meant, cried, simple, boys', often, trouble, speed, December, south, heavy, please, become, leave, suppose, energy

 Grammar: We will be working on dictionary skills.  We will test this Wednesday over word meanings.


Vocabulary: We will test over these words Tuesday! ban, permit, valuable, task, unwind, stressful, collaborate, aggressive, evacuate, distress, unaggressive, considerate, headstrong, frank, self-confident, banned, valuable, overwhelmed 

Science: Water Cycle