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Week of January 14-18
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 3rd Grade

Skills in ELA

In Reading:

·         Students will use wondering/questioning to make sense of an expository text.

·         They will use background knowledge to articulate what they think they know about the topic of an expository text prior to reading.

·         They will also identify what they learn from the text.

In Grammar:

·         Students will construct compound sentences.

In Vocabulary:

·         Students will learn six new words from last week’s book, Flashy Fantastic Rainforest Frogs.

·         Students will review words with multiple meanings.

In Writing:

Students will work on opinion writing.

Vocabulary Words

flashy- very big, bright, or expensive

fantastic- strange, unusual, or unbelievable

diverse- different from one another

avoid- keep away from

deadly- dangerous and likely to cause death

threatened- something is in danger or likely to be harmed or destroyed

Spelling Words

New Words:

boat, low, grow, November, throat, snow, board, note, due, truth, toe, along, below, follow, window, machine


Review Words:

wait, May, Thursday, Saturday, main, hair, over, those, Monday, none, eighteen, straight, explain, afraid, always, maybe

Weekly Skills in Math

·         Students will place fractions on a number line.

·         Students will compare fractions using >,<, =.

·         Students will identify equivalent fractions.

                                               IXL Skills:

                                               W. 9-17