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Weekly Skills-Week 14
Due Date: 11/11/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Making Meaning

Standards: Poetry (RL.2.4)

Vocabulary Words: behave-do or say something in a particular way    misbehave-behave badly   racket-very loud noise    discover-see or find out something for the first time

Vocabulary Review Words: NONE

Tests: Reading ComprehensionTest-Friday

Being a Writer

Standards: Drawing sketches and Making lists to inspire writing in writing journals and Identify verbs and Handwriting lessons on manuscript

Tests: NONE

Guided Spelling

Words of the Week: or,more,short,for,four,bear,world,eye,far,same,think,give, friend,front,live (2), horse,store,prove,fourth

Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday 


Standards:  Count within 1,000 with skip counting (2.NBT.2) and Number Comparisons (2.NBT.4) and Mentally add/subtract 10 & 100 from a given number (2.NBT.8) and Fluently add/subtract within 18 using mental strategies (2.OA.2)

Tests: Timed Fact Fluency Quiz-Thursday and Math Test-Friday