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Weekly Skills-Week 6
Due Date: 9/16/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Making Meaning

Standards: Ask and answer questions about a non-fiction text (RI.2.1) and Identify text features (RI.2.5) and Determine the Author's Purpose and Author's Main Points (RI.2.6, RI.2.8) and Use context clues (L.2.4a)

Vocabulary Words: variety-many different kinds characteristics-describes a person or thing consume-eat or drink something or use something up unwelcome-not wanted

Vocabulary Review Words: prepare-get ready to do something or make ready embarrass-make someone feel ashamed or uncomfortable  grip-hold tightly huddle-move in close to form a tight group

Tests: NONE

Being a Writer

Standards: Drawing sketches and Making lists to inspire writing in writing journals and Writing a Personal Narrative and simple and compound sentences and Handwriting lessons on manuscript

Tests: NONE

Guided Spelling

Words of the Week: tells,tops,helps,stops,she,has,come,some,next,ask,left,just, two,to,there,were,match,length,gold,breaks

Tests: Practice Test-Wednesday and Final Test-Friday 


Standards: Add and Subtract using one-step word problems within 20 (2.OA.1) and Fluently subtract within 10 using mental strategies (2.OA.2)

Tests: Math Facts Time Test-Thursday and Math Quiz-Friday