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Weekly Skills-Week 24
Due Date: 2/18/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade

Making Meaning

Standards: Ask and Answer questions about a fiction text (RL.2.1) and Describe how characters respond to events or challenges (RL.2.3) and Describe story structure (RL.2.5) and Determine a character's point of view (RL.2.6) and Use illustrations to explain new understanding (RL.2.7) and Determine a central message, lesson, or moral (RL.2.2)

Vocabulary Words: stunned-shocked or very surprised genius-someone who is very smart or talented chaos-great confusion notorious-well known, especially for something bad

Vocabulary Review Words: routine-usual or normal way of doing something   expert-person who knows a lot about something or does something very well  fade-to grow lighter and lighter or slowly disappear  flap-move up and down or back and forth
Tests: NONE

Being a Writer

Standards: Writing Biographies and Pronouns and Cursive Writing

Tests: None

Guided Spelling----Review Week

Words of the Week: own,road,home,show,old,most,only,told,new,too,food,rule,true, school,heart,blue,write,good,look,know,would,put,should,could,right,why,try,high,kind, find,child,wild,legs,wishes,steps,talk,walk,people,eight,grow,toe,truth,boat,few,fruit, Tuesday,choose,guess,fire,woods,guide,lie,quite,young,light,glasses,first,crosses,touch

Tests: Final Test-Thursday----NO PRACTICE TEST THIS WEEK!


Standards: Measurement (2.MD.1, 2.MD.2, 2.MD.3, and 2.MD.4) and Mentally add/subtract 0-18--50 equations (2.OA.2)

Tests: Fact Fluency Quiz and Math Test-Friday