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Oct. 15-19
Due Date: 10/15/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade




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*Wear orange on October 24!


*PJ Day is October 26


*Character Parade Day is October 31 (Halloween)! This is my favorite day! Dress up as your favorite book character. 

*Don't forget to order your yearbook!





Activity Schedule:


Monday- Music


Tuesday- P.E.

*Please wear P.E. attire on Tuesdays! (tennis shoes, no skirts or dresses)


Wednesday- Art 


Thursday- Computer


Friday- Library




Happy Birthday!!!

Maggie Kate- 27th

Daniel- 28th






No Star Student this week! 



Weekly Skills:


Spelling: ee and ea




see, hear, here, green, don’t, both, been, oh, time, makes, five, lines, love, off, once, son, mean, feet, half, health






Reader’s Workshop: nonfiction text features, context clues, 5 W’s and H ?s, author’s purpose, main idea

Vocabulary Words:


teamwork- work of a team, or group, that is acting together to get something done

damp- a little wet

regularly- something you do a lot and often at the same time and in the sameway

gleam- glow or shine

shimmer- shine with a soft twinkling light


vanish- disappear


expand- grow bigger


stream- steady flow or movement of something


Writer’s Workshop: visualizing to get ideas and writing stories about those ideas



Language: common/proper nouns




Review- assessed on Tuesday! : bar graphs, shapes (hexagons, quadrilaterals, pentagons, cube), picture graphs

New skill: tell and write time from analog and digital clocks from the nearest 5 minutes, using a.m., and p.m.




*the 8 phases of the moon



                              Monday- math shapes review

Tuesday- R.E.D. FOLDER

Wednesday- R.E.D. folder

Thursday- vocabulary homework



Tuesday- math test (shapes, bar graph, picture graph)

Friday- spelling, vocabulary (last week's and this week's words), cold read