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Assignments - 2nd Grade View previous assignments
January 14-18
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade




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Jungle Book audition forms are coming home this week!  Students may audition the week of January 28-February 1.  Please read through ALL audition information carefully!  Our class will perform on Thursday, April 11 at 6:00 pm.

Find more information online:

We are 100 Days Smarter!

Thursday, January 17, is the 100th day of school! We will celebrate with crafts and writing activities during class. Please fill the brown bag in your folder with 100 items (marshmallows, Legos, paperclips, pennies, etc.). Give us 3 clues as to what is in your bag. Don’t give it away! Your classmates and teachers will try to guess what is in your bag Thursday morning!

SPOTLIGHT will now be on Fridays!

HHES will be closed Monday, 1/21, for MLK, Jr. Day.





Activity Schedule:


Monday- Music


Tuesday- P.E.

*Please wear P.E. attire on Tuesdays! (tennis shoes, no skirts or dresses)


Wednesday- Art 


Thursday- Computer


Friday- Library




Happy Birthday!!!

Kaelyn- 6th

Peyton- 18th





Peyton is our Star Student this week! 



Weekly Skills:


Spelling: oo, ew, and u-consonant-e

too, new, rule, food, school, true, blue, heart, own, road, home, show, old, most, only, told, few, choose, fruit, Tuesday






Reader’s Workshop:

5 W’s and H questions, main idea, timelines, context clues


Vocabulary Words:


insist- demand or ask something very firmly


create- make something new


predict- say what you think will happen in the future


fabulous- wonderful or terrific


occasionally- every now and then; once in a while

encourage- to give someone confidence by praising or helping the person

disapprove- not agree with or think it is bad or wrong

approve- to agree with or think it is good and right


Writer’s Workshop: informational writing- biographies

mentor text: Martin's Big Words



Language: irregular past tense verbs




* counting coins and their values

*money word problems up to $5.00

*solving word problems with sums/differences up to 100




earth science- rocks and landforms




                              Monday- R.E.D. folder

Tuesday-math practice sheet

Wednesday- R.E.D. folde/study spelling words

Thursday- vocabulary practice



Monday- math quiz

Thursday- spelling