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August 13-17
Due Date: 8/17/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade




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·        PTA Meeting- Thursday, August 16, 6 pm

·        Parent Night- Thursday, August 16, 6:30-7:30 pm

*parents only, please! 

·        Please pay 2nd grade fees ASAP- $15.20 (Please make checks payable to Hernando Hills Elementary and include a phone number! You may also pay with cash or RevoPay.)

·        R.E.D. folder will be sent home next week.

·        Please send stickers, etc. for the writer’s notebook by Thursday! (see attached)



Activity Schedule:


Monday- Music


Tuesday- P.E.

*Please wear P.E. attire on Tuesdays! (tennis shoes, no skirts or dresses)


Wednesday- Art 


Thursday- Computer


Friday- Library




Happy Birthday!!!

Rendarious- August 12

Laura Lee- August 26





Macie is our Star Student this week! 



Weekly Skills:


Spelling: short vowels e, u; consonant digraph th

get, up, well, that, go, his, of, your, not, back, big, will, are, you, said, do, thick, still, Sunday, Friday



Reader’s Workshop:

-5 W’s and H ?s (who, what, when, where, why, how)

- point of view of characters in a fiction text

-central message of a text

*mentor text- Sheila Rae The Brave

Vocabulary Words:

(introduced last week):

tumble- fall and roll over and over

swirl- move in a circle

compassionate- kind to someone who is suffering or unhappy

content- happy with what is happening or what you are doing

(new this week):

fearless- brave

fearful- afraid

familiar- well known to you; easy to recognize

convince- make someone believe something or decide to do something


Writer’s Workshop:

-building the writing community, drawing to inspire stories, writing stories

*mentor text: Big Mama's House


Language: complete sentences



-place value- decomposing numbers into 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s


-writing numbers four ways (example below):


standard form- 124


expanded form- 100 + 20 +4


place value form (HTO)- 1 hundred, 2 tens, 4 ones


word form- one hundred twenty four





Tuesday- math practice sheet

Thursday- spelling



Friday- math quiz, spelling test