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Feb. 19-22
Due Date: 2/22/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade




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*Memory Maker t-shirt orders are due Tuesday, February 26!


*Art at the Hills- Thursday, March 7! Look for more info coming home!


*Thursday, April 11, 6:00 PM- The Jungle Book




School will be closed Monday, 2/18, for President's Day!  Have a great long weekend!





Activity Schedule:


Monday- Music


Tuesday- P.E.

*Please wear P.E. attire on Tuesdays! (tennis shoes, no skirts or dresses)


Wednesday- Art 


Thursday- Computer


Friday- Library




Happy Birthday!!!

Carson- 10th

Larryan- 10th

Piper- 10th

Ms. Burnham- 14th

JJ- 28th






No Star Student this week! 



Weekly Skills:


Spelling:*Review week- only 15 words will be assessed!  Write 2 sentences with ANY of the review words*

own, road, home, show, new, too, food, rule, write, good, look, know, right, why, try, high, legs, wishes, misses, steps, old, most, only, told, true, school, heart, blue, would, put, should, could, kind, find, child, wild, talk, walk, people, eight, grow, toe, truth, boat, few, fruit, Tuesday, choose, guess, fire, woods, guide, lie, quite, young, light, glasses, first, crosses, touch




Reader’s Workshop:

main idea, 5 w's and h questions, character's point of view, story structure, using illustrations, central message, main idea


Vocabulary Words:

stunned- shocked or very surprised

genius- someone who is very smart or talented

chaos- great confusion

notorious- well known, especially for something bad

routine- a usual or normal way of doing something

expert- a person who knows a lot about something or does something very well

fade- to grow lighter or slowly disappear

flap- to move back and forth or up and down


Writer’s Workshop: informational writing- biographies


Language: reflexive pronouns (myself, himself, themselves, etc)




*identify and use measurement tools

*units of measurement- inches, centimeters, feet, yards

*estimating measurement

*measurement word problems

*graphing measurement data




earth science- rocks and landforms




*no RED folders this week*

Tuesday- measurement practice

Wednedsay- reading practice sheet

Thursdsay- spelling sentences





Thursday- math test (measurement)

Friday- spelling