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Sept. 17-21
Due Date: 9/17/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade




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  • Yearbook pictures will be taken on Wednesday, Sept. 19!




Activity Schedule:


Monday- Music


Tuesday- P.E.

*Please wear P.E. attire on Tuesdays! (tennis shoes, no skirts or dresses)


Wednesday- Art 


Thursday- Computer


Friday- Library




Happy Birthday!!!








No Star Student this week! 



Weekly Skills:


Spelling: ending s

tells, tops, helps, stops, she, has, come, some, next, ask, left, just, two, to, there, were, match, length, gold, breaks





Reader’s Workshop:

Reader’s Workshop: nonfiction text features, context clues, 5 W’s and H ?s, author’s purpose ; mentor text- Snails

Vocabulary Words:

variety- many different kinds


characteristics- something that describes a person or thing


consume- eat or drink something; to use something up


unwelcome- not wanted

prepare- get ready to do something or make something ready

embarrass- make someone feel ashamed or uncomfortable

grip- hold something very tightly

huddle- move in close to someone or crowd together in a tight group



Writer’s Workshop:


Writer’s Workshop: beginning to draft personal narratives


Language: simple and compound sentences, conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)




*solving one-step word problems with addition/subtraction within 20


-fluently add within 10 using mental strategies


*fact fluency tests continue this week- 25 subtraction problems in 5 minutes!






Monday- R.E.D. folder

Tuesday- math practice sheet

Wednesday- R.E.D. folder

Thursday- reading practice sheet



Thursday- fact fluency

Friday- spelling, language, math quiz