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Weekly Skills
Due Date: 2/23/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

This Week’s Focus




TSW solve one step word problems involving the same unit of length
TSW solve equations with a symbol to represent the unknown


TSW construct a line plot using the generated data.

ELA (English Language Arts) –includes reading, writing and grammar


Students will...


Compare and contrast the key points in two different texts on the same topic.
Possessive Pronouns
Finish Biography



 Homework packet will go home on Monday and will be due on Friday.


  • Study Spelling Words    
  • Study Vocab.
  • Read Daily
  • IXL Math


Vocabulary Words

unique –the only one of its kind, no others exactly like it

recently – happened just a short time ago

valuable – important to you, or worth a lot of money

decrease – becomes smaller or fewer in number


treat- try to cure or heal someone who is sick or hurt


provide- give something that is wanted or needed


conserve- protect something from harm or keep something from being wasted or used up


appreciate- be grateful or thankful for something



Spelling Words


why                    kind                    know                   should


right                   wild                    look                    light


high                   child                   put                    quite


try                    good                   would                  lie


find                    write                 could                  young



·       We will be adding sentence to our spelling test. The student will have to write 2 sentences. They will be able to choose any 2 spelling words, but all the words in the sentence must be spelled correctly to get credit. The sentence must also have correct capitalization and puncuation.