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2nd Grade Weekly Skills
Due Date: 10/16/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade


-Telling time to the nearest five minutes; using vocabulary such as half past, quarter til/past

*Quiz Fri. 10/19

-Addition math fact fluency timed quiz- These average into one grade at the end of the 9 weeks. *quiz 10/19

Reading & Writing:

*Text Features- heading, subheadings, captions, glossary, index, table of contents, maps, diagrams, bold print words

*Rubric test 10/18-19

*Main idea, context clues, author’s point, & nonfiction comprehension will continue this week into next   week. *Test 10/26


Earth, Moon, & stars-cont. our unit on these.


Collective nouns, proper and common nouns

No test this week

Vocabulary Words *Test on Friday 10/19

1. teamwork- to work as a team or group

2. damp- a little wet

3. regularly- often; to do something a lot

4. gleam- glow or shine

5. shimmer- shine with a soft twinkling light

6. vanish- disappear

7. expand- grow bigger

8. stream- steady flow or movement of something

Spelling Words- 10/15-10/19

see, hear, here, green, don’t, both, been, oh, time, makes, five, .lines, love, off, once, son, mean, feet, half, health

**There will be a spelling test on Friday. 

Only 15 words will be tested. 2 words will be application words and are not listed above.