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Assignments - 2nd Grade(Archived)
2nd Grade Weekly Skills
Due Date: 1/8/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade


*Compare/contrast fiction & nonfiction texts

*Author’s purpose of a text (to persuade, inform, or entertain)

*Test will be the week of 1/19


* Beginning biographies in writing * Language skills will cover verbs- past, present and future tense


Math: QUIZ is Friday, January 12th


Addition/subtraction money word/word problems within 100 or up to $1.00


40 addition fact fluency to 20


Addition/subtraction with/without regrouping

NEW Vocabulary words 1/18-1/12:

(no test this week)

1.      occasionally- once in a while, but not often

2.   encourage- to give someone confidence or believe in himself or herself

3.   disapprove- to not agree with someone or something

4.   approve- to agree with someone or something

Spelling Words 1/8-1/12

rain, way, air, came, move, great, door, poor, more, or, for, short, bear, four, eye, world, wait, main, Monday, eighteen

We will start adding 2 sentences at the end of the spelling test each week. Students will create their own sentences. The sentences will count as ALL or nothing. The sentences will need to have the following to count for full credit:

*At least 5 words  *Necessary capital letters    *Correct punctuation

*At least one correctly spelled spelling word from that week,

*All other chosen words spelled correctly

Please allow your child to practice IXL Math at home on any device. The login for each student is his or her first initial, last name, and “@hhe”. Their password is their name in lowercase letters.

Example: John Smith  

Username: jsmith@hhe      Password: john

This week’s IXL skills are: L.10, & P.9.-P.14