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Assignments - 2nd Grade(Archived)
2nd Grade Weekly Skills
Due Date: 4/30/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Reading & Language:

*Compare & contrast 2 texts with the same topic-*test 5/11

We will be watching The Jungle Book in both versions (G/PG) to both versions to compare & contrast reading The Jungle Book as well!

Writing: Opinion writing


Vocabulary Words 4/30-5/4 *test will be 5/4

1.     unique- one of a kind

2.    valuable- very important to you

3.   provide- give something

4.    conserve- to save energy or to protect something from harm

5.   shriek- yell or scream loudly

6.    whimper- softly cry

7.    flop- drop or fall heavily

8.   bulge- get bigger and swell out

9.    disapprove- not agree with someone or something


10.  approve- to agree with someone or something

11.    create- make something new

12.  predict- say what you think will happen next

13.  flexible- easy to bend

14.  beneficial­- good for you

15.  strenuous- having to use a lot of energy or strength

16.   optional- to choose whether or not to do something


Spelling Words 4/30-5/4


named, taking, riding, hoped, build, built, many, else, saw, cause, salt, call, brought, thought, caught, because, ground, edge, height, weight


Math: *1 & 2-step addition & subtraction word problems

*Calendar math-answer real-world problems using a calendar *test 5/4