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Assignments - 2nd Grade(Archived)
2nd Grade Weekly Skills
Due Date: 1/14/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade

Reading/Language Arts:

-Fiction/nonfiction texts- compare & contrast, ask/answer comprehension questions about the text *test 1/24 or 1/25

-Irregular verbs- run/ran, go/went, sing/sang *test 2/1

-Continuing to research famous Americans for biographies.


Math: Revisiting money and counting coin combinations; money word problems within $1.00 *test 1/18

 -50 addition math fact fluency *test 1/18


Vocabulary Words ~ 1/14-18 ~ *Test will be Friday, 1/25

1.     insist- demand or ask for something very firmly

·       I insist that you carry your own bag and belongings while on the trip.

2.    create- to make something new

·       She will create a new painting for the art show.

3.   predict- say what you think will happen in the future

·       The weatherman will predict that we will have snow on Friday.

4.    fabulous- very wonderful or terrific

·       Her new, shiny red car is fabulous.

5.   occasionally- once in a while or not very often

·       My parents will occasionally let me stay up late and watch movies.

6.    encourage- give confidence to someone (to help them believe in himself or herself) by praising or helping the person.

·       I try to encourage my brother to try out for the musical because he is good singer. He is nervous and afraid to sing in front of others.

7.    disapprove- not agree with or think it is wrong

·       The teacher will disapprove of my behavior if I do not do what I am supposed to at school.

8.   approve- agree with something or think it is good or right

·       My mom will approve of me asking to go to my friend’s since I made good grades this week!

Spelling Words 1/14-1/18

too, new, rule, food, school, true, blue, heart, own, splash, home, show, old, most, only, low, few, choose, fruit, Tuesday

This week begins adding two sentences at the end of the spelling test. The students will have to create their own sentences to write. Each sentence will need to have one spelling word from the week, at least 5 words, no misspelled words, and correct punctuation.

The sentences will count as all or nothing. To prepare, it is a good idea to help your child create two sentences at the beginning of the week and practice those two every day until the test. J