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Weekly skills for August 13-16, 2018
Due Date: 8/12/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's Class

Parent Night-Thursday, August 16th at 6:30 in your child's classroom.  

Starting this week, students will go to the activity room if they arrive at school before 7:25. After 7:25 they may go to the classroom. Students are tardy after 7:45.

Homework packets and newsletter were sent home in Daily Folders on Friday. 

Students may bring a snack and bottled water to school each day.

2018-19 yearbooks are on sale for $35.00.

Please return 3rd grade fees are soon as possible. $13.40 covers the writing workbook ($3.70), Scholastic News ($3.20), and online access to IXLMath ($6.50). Make check payable to HHES and provide a phone number.

PTA memberships are $8.00. Remember to complete form and turn in your money. (cash or check)

Weekly Skills for August 13-17, 2018


Reading: Mentor Text-Two Bobbies

  • Students make self to text connections.
  • Students explore using illustrations to make inferences about a story.
  • Students discuss the lesson in the story.
  • Students read independently.

Comprehension Test 1-1 will be given on Thursday.


  • Capitalization & Punctuation

Writing: Mentor Texts-Grandpa's Face; Article on Judy Blume

  • Students hear and discuss good writing
  • Students generate ideas for writing
  • Students write freely about things that interest them.
  • Students and teachers build the writing community.

Spelling:Dictation test on Thursday. Study the following words for test: wet, chip, glad, other, box, hold, must, mother, sand, add, song, soft, which, still, laugh, trip, pull, month, begin, until

Vocabulary: Words from Miss Nelson Is Missing!

1. whiz (verb) to move very fast

2. squirm (verb) wiggle or twist your body from side to side usually because you are bored or uncomfortable

3. rap (verb) tap something forcefully and quickly

    rap (noun) a type of music in which words are spoken in time to music with

                     a steady beat

4. snap (verb) to speak sharply or angrily

5. likely (adverb) when something is likely it probably will happen or is           

                          probably true

6. unlikely (adverb) opposite of likely; probably won't happen

**likely and unlikely are antonyms


  • Students will review addition and subtraction and place value.
  • Review multiplications strategies: repeated addition, groups of, arrays, and skip counting
  • Understand that division is the inverse operation of multiplication
  • Quiz will be given next Tuesday.