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Weekly Skills for March 18-22, 2019
Due Date: 3/17/2019
Subject: 3rd Grade


Welcome to Mrs. Scarberry's Class Website

 Weekly Skills for March 18-22, 2019

**Homework packets were not assigned for this week.

March 18th-End of the 3rd Nine Weeks

March 22nd- PJ/Hat Day

April 4th-3rd Grade Field Trip to the Memphis Zoo. Permission slips and information will be sent home in Graded Paper Folders this Tuesday. Please return as soon as possible.

Reading: Review context clues and main idea & details.


1. belongings-things that someone owns

2. faint-not clear or strong; to become dizzy and lose consciousness

3. cling-hold on to someone or something very tightly

4.roam-wander or move aboutwithout any particular purpose

5. joyful-full of joy or very happy

6. sorrowful-full of sorrow or very sad

Spelling: Review words-playing, showed, key, boat, guard, white, stood, Tuesday, grew, night, quite, states, guide, board, suit, knew, carry, heated, minute, describe

Spelling Test will be given on Thursday. Last 5 words cursive words will be graded.

Language: prefixes, suffixes, roots or base words

Writing: Students will read passages and respond to the informative text.

 Math: Students will identify polygons according to their attributes. Also find the perimeter of 2D shapes using the following formula: side + side + side + side = perimeter. Solve word problems involving perimeter.

IXLMath skills: Two-dimensional shapes: CC.1- CC.7  Triangles and Quadrilaterals: DD.1-DD.8  Geometric Measurement: FF.1-FF.5

Quiz over 2D shapes will be given on Thursday. Review handout in binder.

Fact Fluency Test 4-1 will be given on Friday. This test will consist of 75 problems to be completed in 5 minutes. 50 multiplication and 25 division.