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Weekly Newsletter 2/19-2/22
Due Date: 2/15/2019
Subject: 3rd Grade



Reading Comprehension skills: Nonfiction texts, wondering/questioning to understand a story, main idea, and text features.

Spelling Words: already, practice, sky, thirteen, quite, carry, sight, English, early, fine, light, woods, fry, night, money, white, guess, key, pony, hood

*Starting 2/22/19, Students will be expected print each word and write 3 to 4 words (not all 20 words) in cursive on their spelling test.

Writing- The students will continue to work on opinion writing.

Language: The students will identify and use comparative/superlative adjectives and adverbs correctly in a sentence.

Math- The students will create bar graphs and picture graphs and answer one and two-step word problems using information from the graphs. IXL- U.4-U.7, U.11, and U.12

Science- Water and Climate


Important Dates


February Birthdays-Christian

*2/15- Student holiday

*2/18- Presidents' Day (No School)


Test Dates

*2/20 – Math Quiz

*2/22- Spelling

*2/22- Fact Fluency

**Our Fact Fluency this 9 weeks will have 75 problems and will include facts: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10.



Important Information

* If you would like to receive information or reminders about our classroom, sign up with Remind. Text 81010 with the message @gka938

**Please send a note or call if your child’s transportation to/from school is changing.

**Library is on Mondays

**PE is on Wednesdays

**We eat Lunch at 11:55    

* No checkouts after 2:00pm



diligent- hard-working

frank-you say what you think openly

self-confident- sure of yourself

headstrong- determined to do what you want no matter what anyone says

overwhelmed- you feel so strongly about a feeling that you forget about everything else

contentment- feeling of satisfaction and happiness


Review Vocabulary


ban- forbid something or prevent someone from doing something
permit- allow something to happen or let someone do something

valuable- very important or useful in some way

task- job, chore, or other particular thing you have to do

unwind- relax

stressful- causing worry or tension

collaborate- work with others to make or do something

aggressive- threatening or ready and eager to fight or attack others

evacuate- leave a place and go somewhere safer

distress- felling of deep sadness, worry, or pain

unaggressive- not threatening or ready and eager to fight to attack others

considerate- thoughtful of the feelings and needs of others