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Weekly Newsletter(Archived)
Weekly Newsletter 8/13-8/17
Due Date: 8/10/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade



Reading Comprehension skills: The students will explore illustrations to make inferences about stories, make text-t0-self connections, identify the main idea, and identify character traits in a story.

Spelling Words: wet, chip, glad, other, box, hold, must, mother, sand, add, song, soft, which, still, laugh, trip, pull, month, begin, until

Writing- The students will hear and discuss good writing, explore prewriting techniques, and learn how an author gets ideas from her own life.

Language: The students will review complete sentences and incomplete sentences. The students will also identify and review different types of sentences.

Math-The students will explore and identify strategies for multiplication and division.


Important Dates


*August Birthdays* - Taylor, Mitchell, and Ms. Moses


*August 16th PTA Meeting 6:00pm in the Cafeteria


*August 16th - Parent Night - 6:30pm in the Classroom




Test Dates


*8/16-Reading Comprehension Test


*8/17 – Spelling Test


*8/17 – Math quiz (multiplication strategies and Division strategies)





whiz- move very fast


squirm- wiggle or twist your body from side to side


rap- tap or hit something sharply(forcefully) and quickly


snap- speak sharply or angrily


likely- something that will probably happen or something that is probably true



unlikely- something that probably won’t happen or something that is probably not true



Important Information


**Please pay student fees as soon as possible.   The total is $13.40. Make checks payable to Hernando Hills and please include a phone number on the check. Cash is also accepted.


** If you would like to receive information or reminders about our classroom, sign up with Remind. Text 81010 with the message @gka938


**Please send a note or call if your child’s transportation to/from school is changing.


**We eat Lunch at 11:55  

** No checkouts after 2:00pm




Weekly Newsletter 3/5-3/9
Due Date: 3/2/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade

Our class will eat lunch at 11 on 3/5.



Reading Comprehension skills: The students will continue to identify Non-Fiction Text Features in nonfiction texts and determine why text features are important. The students will practice identifying facts and opinions and the students will practice creating summaries of texts they have read. The students will review main idea and details.

Spelling Words: describe, minute, quite, states, guide, board, suit, knew, carry, heated, playing, showed, key, boat, guard, white, stood, Tuesday, grew, night

Writing- The students will explore opinion and informational writing. We are doing writing together as much as possible in order to ensure the students success on the end of the year writing assessment.

**Writing focus/goal for each nine-weeks. We will be reviewing with students the process needed to properly “unpack” the prompt, plan, draft, revise and edit a writing task. In an effort to further support these developing skills, students will be given support and guidance for the first graded writing task of the nine weeks. This support and guidance could result in higher grades than students are able to achieve on their own. We will continue to model the process weekly, construct well-written examples in class as a whole group, with-peers and individually. For the remainder of the grading period, students will be expected to complete prompts by moving through the process independently.

Language: The students will determine where commas should be placed in addresses and dialogue.

Math- The students will measure objects to the nearest whole, half, and quarter inch, interpret and create line plots using measurement, and solve two-step word problems using the four operations (+,-,x, division). IXL practice – B.3, U.8, U.9, M.9

Science/Social Studies:  Weathering and erosion

Important Dates

*March 5-9 -Case 21 Testing

-3/5-Math Case 21

-3/7-Writing Case 21

*March 12-16-Spring Break


Test Dates

*3/6- Vocabulary Test

*3/8 – Reading Comprehension

*3/9- Spelling

*3/9- Comma Quiz(rescheduled from 3/1)



Weekly Newsletter 9/6-9/9
Due Date: 9/6/2016
Subject: 2nd Grade



Reading: The students will begin to identify and understand the central message in a story. The students will continue answering questions to understand key details in a text and making text connections. The students will continue to describe how characters in a story respond to challenges. The students will also continue to identify point of view of characters in a story.

Vocabulary Focus: introduce:eavesdrop, eavesdropper, accompany, annoy.   review: fearless, fearful, familiar, convince, tumble, content, compassionate, swirl, hurl, pester, glare, overalls
Spelling Words:  ask, next, just, left, to, two, were, there, black, went, thing, long, one, does, where, want, scratch, soft, since, prince *Spelling Test- 9/9/16

Language: The students will continue to practice using complete sentences, correct capitalization, and punctuation in writing. The students will also identify and use synonyms and compound words

Writing: The students will continue writing stories from their own life

Math: The students will identify place value of 2 and 3 digit numbers up to 500 using base ten numerals(picture form) (example – 231 = SEE NEWSLETTER ) number names(word form) (example – 251 = two hundred fifty one), and expanded form(example-251 = 200 + 50+ 1 =251) *Math Test – 9/13/16

**Assessment dates are subject to change based on student needs. If I feel that my class is not ready to be assessed, or needs more time working on a particular standard/skill, then I will postpone the assessment.

Important Dates

*Sept. 6-last day for fundraiser *All money and packets are due.

*Sept. 13-progress reports go home

*Sept. 20-school pictures

Important Information

**September birthdays – Regan, Reid, Lilly

**Star Student**

**Be sure to return library books on Friday, our library day.

**Be sure to wear or bring tennis shoes on Tuesday, our PE day.

**Please send a note or call if your child’s transportation to/from school is changing.

**Our lunchtime is 11:05 -11:30

**No early checkouts after 2:00.

**Remind 101-If you’d like to receive information or reminders about our classroom in a

group text, sign up with Remind101. Text 81010with the message @gkck9