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Weekly Newsletter - 3rd Grade(Archived)
Weekly Newsletter 1/8-1/12
Due Date: 1/5/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade

Winter Break Reading challenge is due January 12th.



Reading Comprehension skills: The students will use wondering/questioning to understand a nonfiction story, read and decipher poetry, and review examples of figurative language(see explanations on the back)

Spelling Words: machine, below, straight, over, along, snow, note, toe, throat, board, boat, due, Thursday, low, Monday, November, truth, grow, army, gray.

Writing- The students will be researching information about fossil fuels to use to write an informational piece of writing.

Language: The students will practice punctuating and capitalizing titles correctly.

Math- The students will model and identify fractions.

Science/Social Studies:  The rock cycle and landforms



Important Dates

*January Birthdays- Brody M.*

*January 9th- Science fair boards due

*January 10th- Science Fair

*January 15th- MLK Jr. Day – No School

*January 25th- Class pictures

Test Dates

*1/12 – Spelling

*1/12-Fraction quiz

*1/12- fact fluency (fact fluency quizzes will increase to 75 problems in 5 minutes. The 4s and 8s facts will also be added)


 Wish List

candy for our treasure box and extra snacks

Vocabulary words and definitions



Lively –active; someone who is lively is energetic and full of life


Memorable –worth remembering; something that is memorable is not easy to forget


Throw yourself into something –do something with a lot of energy and enthusiasm


Intense –very great or strong


Exhilarated –very happy and excited


Astounding –amazing or very surprising


Review Vocabulary Words


slog – walk slowly and heavily, as if you are walking through deep snow or mud


commence– begin or start


flabbergasted – very surprised, or shocked or astonished


permissible allowed or permitted


impermissible– not allowed or permitted


adventuresome If you are feeling adventuresome, you are feeling bold and ready for adventure.


Coax –persuade someone to do something by talking to the person gently and kindly


Snug –comfortable, warm, and cozy


Advise –tell someone what you think he or she should do


Delirious –very happy and excited


Fret –worry or get upset about something


Cherish –care for something deeply; if you cherish something, you treat it with great care because it is very important to you


Flimsy –thin and weak; if something is flimsy, it is not sturdy or strong


Long –want something very much; it also means more than the average length; not short


Gruff –unpleasant or rude; if someone is gruff, he or she may seem unfriendly or mean


Persist –keep doing something, even though it is difficult; if you persist, you refuse to give up


Strain –pull or push hard



Adjust –move or change something slightly to improve it or make it fit more comfortably