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Week of April 16-20, 2018
Due Date: 4/20/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade

Important Dates

April 17th – State ELA Test

April 24th – Sate Writing Test

April 30th – State Math Test


Test Dates

·         4/18 – Two-Dimensional Figures/Area & Perimeter Assessment

·         4/18 – Synonym/Antonym/Homophone Skill Check

·         4/20 - Fact Fluency Test (Students will be given 5 minutes to complete 75 problems. This will include 25 division problems.

·         4/20 – Spelling Test




toys, woman’s, able, February, square, simple, Wednesday, title, women, middle, voice, busy, December, trouble, July, circle, touch, uncle, example, capital




·         well-organized – If something is well-organized, it is planned or arranged (put together) in a neat or orderly way.


·         disorganized – If something is disorganized, it is not planned or arranged (put together) in a neat or orderly way. It is messy or confusing.


·         boast – Boast means “brag.” When people boast, they talk about themselves or something they have with too much pride or pleasure.


·         silky – soft and smooth like silk


·         brainstorm – sudden idea