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April 29- May 3
Due Date: 4/25/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade

Important Dates



Dear Parents,


Our lunch time will change for the week of April 30th – My 3rd. Please see the schedule below for specific times.


Tuesday 4/30         12:00- 12:25


Wednesday 5/1     12:20- 12:45


Thursday 5/2        12:05- 12:30


Friday 5/3               12:15-12:40



May 3rd- field Trip money due


May 9th- field trip to Memphis Botanical Gardens. We will need chaperones for this trip.( Wear a green shirt, comfortable shoes, and appropriate clothes according to the weather. Remember to bring a sack lunch if you signed up to do so.

May 10th- Last day to pay for the memory rock to be painted

May 17th- Awards day @ 8:15- 9:00

Color run @ 9:15- Remember to wear clothes that you don't mind getting messy. Also, if your child is not checking out, please send a change of clothes.









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Remember no check outs after 2:00


Tests this week: Math test, spelling test, fact fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension


***Spelling test (We will begin dictation sentences this week.The students will have to create 2 sentences. Each sentence must have one spelling word from the week, at least 5 words, no misspelled words, and correct capitalization and punctuation. The sentences will count as all or nothing. To prepare, it is a good idea to help your child create two sentences at the beginning of the week and practice those two every day until the test.




Reading- The students will focus on the 5Ws. The students will focus on main idea and author's points. The students will learn text features and how they are used. The students will compare and contrast fiction and nonfiction texts


Math-2 step word problems, calendar review, graphing review


Writing-  opinion writing



steer clear- keep away from something or someone

flop- drop or fall heavily

delightful- very pleasant or enjoyable

bulge- gett bigger and swell out










Spelling- ( Remember there will be 15 questions on the spelling test. Only 13 words will be chosen from the list. 2 words will be application words. Application words are similar with the same spelling patterns as the words. Review words will also show up on future spelling tests).

Review words (last spelling test)

filled   picked   classes   ended   running    stopped    inches   getting   how  out   found   down   boy   point    while   might   saw   cause   salt   call    heard    buy   through   very   done   can't   any    warm   whole   seven   piece   pie     earth   learn    watch   water   brought   thought   caught    because   key   feel   missing    post   hair   brother   snow  answer   bread   brown  whose   house     voice   oil   woman   women    author   aunt   fall  chance