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Week of February 20-23
Due Date: 2/23/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade


Comprehension Focus-

·         The students will use questioning/wondering to make sense of an expository text.

·         They will use schema (background knowledge) to articulate what they think they know about the topic of an expository text prior to reading.

·         The students will identify what they learn from an expository text.

·         They will also read independently.


Vocabulary Focus-

·         The students will learn and use six words from last week’s article, Origami: The Art of Japanese Paper Folding.

·         The students will review the suffix -ful.

·         They will also review using context to determine word meanings.

·         Students will build their speaking and listening skills.

Grammar Focus-

·         The students will determine where commas should be placed in addresses and dialogue.


Writing Focus-

We are exploring opinion and more informational writing. We are doing writing together as much as possible in order to ensure the students success on the end of the year writing assessment.

Spelling Words

New Words:

light, fry, night, white, quite, fine, sight, sky, key, money, English, carry, already, beside, practice minute

Review Words:

book, stood, foot, woods, fire, thirteen, heated, street, guess, guard, guide, early, describe, difficult, develop, result


graceful- moving in a smooth and beautiful way

spectacular- amazing to look at

original- completely new and different

achieve- do something successfully, especially something that requires a lot of effort

challenge- something that is hard to do or requires a lot of work or effort

determination- deciding you will do something and then doing it, even if it is difficult


·         Measure objects to the nearest whole, half, and quarter inch.

·         The students will interpret and create line plots using measurement. (See back for explanation)

·         Solve two-step word problems using the four operations (+,-,x, division)


IXL Skills:

Review Skills: BB. 3

New Skills: U.8 & U.9