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Assignments - 3rd Grade View previous assignments
January 14-18
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 3rd Grade

Test Dates

·         01/16 – Comprehension Test

·         01/18 – Math Quiz

·         01/18 – Fact Fluency

·         01/18 – Spelling Test

Our Fact Fluency this 9 weeks will have 75 problems and will include facts: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,8, and10. Students will still have 5 minutes to complete.


Vocabulary Words


flashy – very big, bright, or expensive

fantastic – strange, unusual, or unbelievable

diverse – different from one another

avoid – keep away from

deadly – dangerous and likely to cause death

threatened – If something is threatened, it is in danger of likely to be harmed or destroyed.



gray, army, grow, truth, November, Monday, low, Thursday, due, boat, board, throat, toe, note, snow, along, over, straight, machine, below


Skills in ELA

In Reading:

·         Students will compare and contrast two expository text on the same topic.

·         Students will review figurative language.

·         Students will identify figurative language in poetry and answer questions about a poem.

In Grammar:

·         Students will identify and create compound sentences.

In Vocabulary:

·         Students will learn six new words from last week’s story, Flashy Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs.

·         Students will recognize words with multiple meanings.

·         Students will review synonyms and antonyms.

In Writing:

·         Students will complete practice writings to prepare for upcoming writing grade in a couple of weeks.

Weekly Skills in Math


·         Students will place fractions on a number line.

·         Students will compare fractions using <, >, or =.

·         Students will identify equivalent fractions.