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Weekly Skills - 2nd Grade View previous assignments
Weekly Skills Feb. 19-23
Due Date: 2/25/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dove & Mrs. White’s

Weekly Report


Feb. 20- Feb.23


Reading: Use text features to locate key information, answer questions about key details and identify main topics, describe how reasons support specific points the author makes

Language: Pronouns

Writing: Biographies

Math:Measurement; selecting appropriate tools, estimating and measuring

Spelling: Don’t forget your two sentences J

Why, right, high, try, find, kind, wild, child, write, good, look, know, would, put, should, could, light, quite, lie, young



unique- something that is unique is the only one of its kind. There are no others exactly like it.

recently- If something happened recently, it just happened a short time ago.

valuable- means very important to you, or worth a lot of money

decrease- means to become smaller or fewer in number


Special Notes

·         Spring pictures are March 1st.

·         We have 27 students. Please keep this in mind when sending in treats. NO NUTS, PLEASE.




Tues.–pizza or spicy chicken sandwich

Wed – loaded baked potato or Honey BBQ chicken bites

Thurs. – ranch wrap or John Wayne Dip & chip

Fri.- fish melt or hamburger