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Weekly Skills - 2nd Grade View previous assignments
Weekly Skills January 14 - 18
Due Date: 1/18/2019
Subject: 2nd Grade

Mrs. Dove & Mrs. White's

Weekly Report

January 14 - 18



Reading: answer the 5 W's (who, what, when, where, why) about a text, author's purpose, comparing and contrasting the most important points presented in 2 different text on the same topic

Language: irregular past tense verbs

Writing: beginning to learn about biographies

Math: 50 problems in 5 minutes & money word problems



too, new, rule, food, school, true, blue, heart, own, road, home, show, old, most, only, told, few, choose, fruit, Tuesday


occasionally - once in a while; not very often

encourage - give someone confidence (belief in himself or herself) by praising or helping the person

disapprove - not agree with or think it is good or right

approve - agree with or think it is good or right

insist - demand or ask something very firmly

create - make something new

predict - say what you think will happen in the future

fabulous - wonderful or terrific





 Special Notes!!

  • January 21 - MLK Day  - No School
  • Scholastic Book orders due January 25th. 
  • Spotlight will now be on Wednesdays
  • Homework is due on Fridays.  Spelling homework will be your child's choice.  They need to complete ONE assignment from the spelling options page located in their homework folder. (words are on newsletter)
  • Graded papers go home tomorrow. Please sign folders and return all papers on Wednesday. 
  • We need individually wrapped candy for our treat box. 
  • To sign up for our class REMIND, text @76h8de to 81010




We have 27 students.

Please keep this in mind when sending in birthday treats, holiday treats, etc.




Lunch Menu

Monday - chicken salad croissant or vegetable beef soup

Tuesday - chef salad or beef soft taco

Wednesday - cereal & yogurt or sausage & waffles

Thursday - chicken tender salad or chicken nibblers

Friday - grilled chicken sandwich w/cheese or pizza