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2nd grade weekly skills
Due Date: 2/20/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade

Ms. Moore & Mrs. Jackson

February 19-23, 2018


Weekly Skills



·        Review the main idea of a story and supporting details

·        Compare/contrast key points of 2 different text on the same subject

·        Use and identify pronouns

·        Continue writing biographies



·        Word problems involving measurements

·        Measure 2 different objects and create a line plot with the data

**Math test will be Friday**




why, right, high, try, find, kind, wild, child, write, good, look, know, would, put, should, could, light, quite, lie, young

**Plus 2 sentences your child has created from the spelling list. Remember each sentence must contain at least 5 words!**

**Spelling test Friday**





Unique: only one of its kind

Recently: happened a short time ago

Valuable: very important to you or worth a lot of money

Decrease: becomes smaller or fewer in number

Treat: try to cure or heal someone who is sick or hurt

Provide: give something that is needed or wanted

Conserve: protect something from harm or keep something from being wasted

Appreciate: be grateful or thankful for something


What’s Happening

03/01: Spring pictures

03/12-16: Spring Break

03/22: Report cards go home


Please remember the flu bug is still very active… If your child is ill, please keep them home until they are well!



You can order Scholastic online anytime and the class code is P72ZL



Contact Information


HHES 662-429-9117