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8/13/18 - 8/17/18
Due Date: 8/13/2018
Subject: 2nd Grade



Spelling Test


Monday – Music                         Thursday - Computer

Tuesday – P.E. (Tennis Shoes)         Friday – Library

Wednesday – Art                              

Important Dates!

8/16 – PTA Meeting @ 6:00 in the cafeteria!

8/16 – Policy/Procedure Night (Parents Only) from 6:30 – 7:30!

8/20 – After School Choir Auditions until 4:30!

9/3 – Labor Day Holiday! NO SCHOOL!

9/11 – Progress Reports!


Ms. White’s Whoville News!!!       Week: 8/13 – 8/17

Classroom Schedule

7:10 – 7:25 Café/ Gym                    11:05 – 11:15 Health         

7:25 – 7:45 Morning Work            11:15 – 11:40 Lunch

7:45 – 8:00 ELA                                 11:40 – 12:20 ELA

8:00 – 8:30 Groups                         12:20 – 12:40 Recess

8:30 – 9:55 ELA                                 12:40 – 1:10 Science/SS

9:55 – 10:35 Activity                        1:10 – 2:40 Math

10:35 – 11:05 ELA                              2:40 Dismissal





If you haven’t joined my Remind 101 group, please do! It is the easiest and most instant way for home and school to stay in touch. (See instructions for signing up below.)


Please be sure to send in your student fees as soon as possible if you haven’t already. ($15.20)


I hope you are all able to attend our Policy & Procedure Parent Night on August 16th from 6:30 – 7:30. This will be my opportunity to explain more about my classroom routines and expectations and to answer any questions that you may have so far.     There is also our first PTA meeting at 6:00 this same night. I hope you are able to make it!



Remind: to join - text the message: @e8hae6 (Be sure to include the @ symbol.)     To: 81010

Phone: 662-429-9117



·         There are no checkouts after 2:00pm in the afternoons.

·         If your child has any medical concerns, please be sure to complete a Care Plan as soon as possible. I will send one home with any medical issues I am already aware of.

·         Please send in any supplies your child may be needing as soon as possible.

·         A normal academic schedule will begin next week. Homework will also begin next week.


What’s Happening??





RL 2.1, 2.2, 2.6

Answer questions such as Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why?, and How? Using details from a text, Retell or recount the major events in a text, describe the central message, and Explain the different points of view of characters in a fiction text.



Getting writing ideas, using drawings to inspire writing, and writing stories


Complete Sentences



2.NBT.3, 2.NBT.1a-b                                        

Read and write numbers to 100 using the forms of numbers, decompose numbers up to 500 in hundreds, tens, and ones



get, up, well, that, go, his, of, your, not, back, big, will, are, you, said, do, thick, still, Sunday, Friday



New Words:

fearless – brave or feeling no fear

fearful – afraid or filled with fear

familiar – well known to you and easy to recognize

convince – make someone believe something or decide to do something

Last Week’s Words:

tumble – fall and roll over and over

swirl – move in a circle

compassionate – kind to a person or animal who is suffering or unhappy

content – happy with what is happening or what you are doing


Science/Social Studies




Homework will be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to a weekly take-home reading assignment that will begin soon. (I will issue additional assignments if skills are proving to be difficult.)

8/14 – Math Sheet            8/16 – ELA Sheet

Class Wish List:

Thank you in advance if you are able to help out!

AAA Batteries for flashlight reading, Blue painters tape, magnets/clip magnets, and colored copy paper