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Assignments - 3rd Grade View previous assignments
August 13-17
Due Date: 8/12/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade


Identifying character traits
Identify main idea and key details
Use illustrations to make inferences
Ask and answer questions about a story
Complete and incomplete sentences
Punctuation and capitalization
Narrative writing
Prefixes un, pre
Vocabulary *These are words from a book we read last week; please review these words with your student on a frequent basis. Students need to know the definitions of the words as well as to be able to use them in context.
Whiz –move very fast; some things that white make a buzzing or hissing sound
Squirm –wiggle or twist your body from side to side, usually because you are bored or uncomfortable
Rap –tap or hit something sharply (forcefully) and quickly; rap is also a type of music in which words are spoken in time to music with a steady beat
Snap –speak sharply or angrily
Likely –when something is likely, it probably will happen or is probably true
Unlikely –not likely; when something is unlikely, it probably will not happen or is
Spelling: box, must, glad, sand, song, still, trip, soft, mother, other, month, laugh, led, rich, add, with, which, fresh, check, thick, hold, cold, full,


Multiplication Strategies (arrays, equal groups, tape diagram, repeated addition)
Division Strategies (repeated subtraction, equal groups)
Properties of Multiplication (Distributive, Commutative, Associative, Zero, Identity)
Fluently multiply by 2 & 3
Please send a snack/water bottle everyday
Monday is PE- please wear tennis shoes or send a pair
Thursday is library –please remember to bring book
3rd grade fees are 13.40. Please send in money as soon as you are able.
Read a book, study multiplication, spelling and vocabulary EVERY NIGHT!!
Start forming great study habits now!!
Please remember to sign up for remind and DOJO
Yearbooks are $35. We will begin taking money Aug 22 THERE WILL BE NO SALES AFTER CHRISTMAS
Math Quiz- August 17th
Reading Comprehension Test August 16th and 17th
Spelling test August 17
Happy Birthday Landrey!! 8/18

August 16th: parent night @ 6:30 PTA @ 6   Sept 5: Fundraiser Ends

August 17th: PTA fundraiser           Sept 11th Progress Reports

Sept 3- No School            Sept 19th – Pictures for the yearbook