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Assignments - 3rd Grade View previous assignments
Feb 19-23
Due Date: 2/19/2018
Subject: 3rd Grade


Ask and answer questions about a text
Text Features
Central Message/Theme
Commas in addresses and dialogue. Quotations
Persuasive Writing/Informational Writing

Spelling: . Light, fry, night, white, quite, fine, sight, sky, key, money,

English, carry, already, beside, practice minute


Graceful: moving in a smooth or beautiful way

Spectacular: amazing to look at

Original: completely new and different

Achieve: do something successfully especially something that requires a lot of work or effort

Challenge: something that is hard to do or requires a lot of work or effort

Determination: deciding you will do something and then doing it, even if it difficult.

Measurement (with a ruler)
Review fractions
Multi-Step Word Problems
Commas, quotations test: Friday
Vocabulary Test: Friday
Measurement Quiz: Wednesday

Feb 27: Case 21 (ELA)  March 1: Spring Pictures

March 3: Case 21 (Math)  March 30-April 2:Easter Holiday

March 12-16: Spring Break